forgotten and dirty free beaches


The data we have right now is incredibleThus begins the post by Paolo Ferrara, town councilor of the 5 Star Movement, on Facebook, almost wanting to blow away the wind of controversy that accompanied this beginning of the swimming season in Ostia.

First the order arrived late, then the misunderstandings with the Seapass “web app” and finally the mistakes made in Capocotta, the best known free beach in Rome. And so on Sunday, thanks to the first real “summer” sunny day, Ferrara wanted to share the “incredible” results by showing the still images from the Seapass website.

The affluences, looking at the post, seem remarkable as he underlines who, according to someone, is the “shadow president” of the X Town Hall: “Thousands of people are already using (web application reachable from the site). Unbelievable! The data we have is very important to understand the flows. Invest, plan and design the future of the sea of ​​Rome. Concrete help for citizens. We are the only ones to have used technology. The only ones“.

The traffic light designed by the application is evident. There are few green points (totally free ones). The “incredible” results, however, clash with the credible errors that are still evident. Just take a walk on the beach to notice some flaws.

The beach called ‘verde’, that of the former Faber Beach, according to the system would have a capacity of 2130 seats: an absurdity considering that the capacity of the gates of Castelporziano, among the largest free equipped beaches in Europe, is 1200 places.

Green beach-2

A forgivable mistake, but it is not the only one. The so-called ‘Mustard’ beach, the one in front of the Anffas, is instead always full: 120 seats always occupied. Except then go there and find out what’s wrong: access is cordoned off, closed (cover image). To control it a steward who, when questioned by a bather, lets himself go: “They should say that it is closed clearly and not to say that it is full”.

What is certain is that whoever goes to that stretch of beach does it at “his own risk” because “the beach is dirty, with glass and pieces of wood”, underlines those who watch over that passage where, however, there are no poles as well as other are also absent in other parts of the free beaches of Ostia ponente.

Mustard-2 beach

Poles also absent in other stretches of Ostia Ponente beach where those who go rely on chance and a rescue service that, until the end of June, will be operational only on weekends. Staying in that quadrant of the sea of ​​Rome, curious is the case of the Idroscalo beach which is not shown on the map. Disappeared, despite being present on May 29, the day of the launch of Seapass.

But there is more, the beach, even without poles, is without security workers, dirty or without essential services, the Foce Tevere Community complains by also posting a video on social media.

Finally the question relating to Capocotta that RomaToday had already denounced. Despite the reassurances of the X Town Hall, the indications on the Seapass map are not there. Capocotta seems to have been sucked into a virtual tunnel.

To know the actual turnout in those free equipped beaches, even these still without poles, you have to click on Ostia Levante, therefore ignoring the map (which stops at the eighth gate), at the bottom of the site. Once the page is loaded, you will be able to know the turnout.

Gate 8-2

Complicated steps for Mrs. Anna Eramo who, met today by the writer in front of Curvone, wandered in search of help: “I wanted to go to Capocotta but I didn’t find it on the application and so I came here. Where can I change? came with my friend from Fidene but I can’t find the changing rooms “.

We still leave the answer to Councilor Ferrara: “Next week the functions will be adequate. Some small initial problems – physiological – but it’s going great”.

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