Ford Mustang too loud, the absurd revenge of a neighbor


The owner of a Ford Mustang has found an unpleasant surprise inside the car’s exhausts. The culprit is a neighbor tired of the annoying car noise

Ford Mustang GT (WheelsAge)

Have one Ford Mustang it certainly has many pros, but also some cons. The spectacular car guarantees off-the-road performance, catching everyone’s attention. But it is certainly not a silent model, especially if the owner takes full advantage of it to make the engine “ring”. In the US Aaron Robinson, a Mustang owner, has perhaps gone too far, doing infuriating a neighbor.

As told later from a Facebook post, published by Robinson, the constant noises of the Mustang led to the exhaustion of a neighbor, who decided to resort to an extreme solution to silence the fireball. In a moment of distraction from the owner, the neighbor approached the car with somefoam insulation (usually used to soundproof the walls), deciding to fill the Mustang exhausts.

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Mustang, alternative soundproofing: the revolt of the neighbor

In the US, the owner of one Ford Mustang he enjoyed every day running around the neighborhood aboard his fireball, perhaps disturbing excessively public peace. One of his neighbors, exhausted by the constant noise, decided to silence the car by putting somefoam insulation in the car exhausts. Aaron Robinson, owner of the vehicle, then explained on Facebook that: “The car works perfectly, but the exhausts reek of burnt plastic“.

The post immediately went around the web, reaching over 10 thousand shares in a few hours and unleashing the hilarity of users. The photos also show that the sound of the Mustang it was also annoying for another reason. Robinson changed the original exhausts to some Borla components, which tend to further amplify the noise emitted by the 5.0-liter Coyote engine.

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