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Antonio Rapisarda

One centimeter from the official overtaking on the 5 Stars but already ahead, if we were to vote today, to a much longer record than the 200 meters of Mennea in Mexico City: 15.6% conquered by the National Alliance for Politics of ’96. Twenty four years later Giorgia Meloni – here in Libero it is certainly not new – with its Flame it is “burning” yet another record. Since yesterday, according to the Ipsos survey in the Corriere della Sera, the former Minister of Youth can boast the projection of a result never achieved before by the Italian right: the 16.2%. Percentages that compare to the 2018 parliamentary elections, with FdI al 4.4%, or even only to the European Championships a year ago (when he got the 6.4%), testify to the sensational growth of Giorgia and her “Atreju generation”.

A company, to use a Tolkienian term, which can aspire to overcome the columns of Hercules of An: until now the maximum expression of consensus for the post-fascist right, with the golden year (despite the defeat of the Polo for Freedoms) of ’96, when the Aennine troops positioned themselves in third place among the Italian parties. It will be said: it is only a survey. But it is not the “only”, if it is true that all the most accredited institutes (from Tecnè to Euromedia Research to Ixè) give FDI between 14 and 16% and the satisfaction of its leader second behind Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. «Meloni enjoys a high personal positioning», noted Nando Pagnoncelli, rattling off the flow data and insisting that the sovereign leader benefits from the «higher loyalty rate» of the European voters and appeared «more” national “than to opponents and allies “in a difficult time” such as the coronavirus crisis. In short, a moment of grace for Giorgia that has actually lasted for more than a year. In this period of time, after the exploit to the Europeans, in an internal key it has come to contend (for some analysts already to undermine) the third step of the podium at the grillini – with the latter, for Ipsos at 16.7%, exhausted repeated by the Melonians in the Chamber on the contradictions regarding the MES and the maxi-amnesty of immigrants – but it has also obtained significant awards abroad: from the indication of the Times as one of the twenty personalities of 2020 to the international investiture as a hinge among the European national conservatives and American republicans. Last but not least from the point of view of building a leadership rooted in the historical-anthropological uniqueness of the Italian right, Meloni is also confirming that she is better than the men of “Casa Fiamma” in gathering consensus: in the footsteps of Maestro Giorgio Almirante – remembered by you in recent days as “politician and patriot of the past: he has transmitted to us the love for Italy, honesty, consistency and courage” – and now destined to archive the electoral goals of Fini after saving the “father’s house” from the disaster of finism. And given that there is no cradle even in favor of the polls, Meloni yesterday called the office in view of the hundred squares organized (safely) to sound the alarm to the Conte government: «June 2 will be the day when we will give voice to millions of Italians forgotten by the government. Instead, early July get ready for a big national event ».

On the eve of the event the day after tomorrow there was no shortage of what is considered a rude by Palazzo Chigi: no to the request to testify, together with Salvini is Tajani, a Laurel crown to the The Unknown Soldier at the end of the event. Among other things, to make Meloni angry, the fact that she heard about it from the press, while the official response of the Ceremonial arrived only at 8 pm. The FDI leader, therefore, vented herself on FacebooK: «We wanted to lay a crown in memory of the Unknown Soldier. If on that day it was not possible, it was enough to say it ». Instead, “the prime minister’s staff spent the afternoon calling all the newspapers without anyone having ever talked about the matter with us. These are the methods of Palazzo Chigi at the time of management Count / Casalino».

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