for the web app Capocotta is closed but the beach is open instead


For the Municipality’s web app, the free beach of Capocotta, the largest in Rome, is closed but in reality it is not so, it is operational. Damage to the kiosk managers who, also thanks to the bad weather on the first day of opening, experienced this Saturday with little turnout.

And so the start of the bathing season is more complicated than ever. First a incomplete bathing ordinance, published at 11pm (one hour before the start of the summer season), then the lack of communication on the app, or rather the web app, which is used to manage the turnout at free beaches, then this other “small” drawback.

In the spotlight, again, there is Seapass the container that, for the mayor Virginia Raggi, in this bathing season is “the heart of our project, which allows us to keep under control the situation and the turnout on the beaches. The app does not allow you to book but it is a monitoring“.

Too bad that for Seapass Capocotta and its kiosks were closed for most of Saturday. The complaint comes from the Capocotta Cinquespiagge Consortium, with President Claudio Presutti thundering: “It is completely false. We are open and completely in order“.

Yes, because the beaches of Capocotta, as well as those of Castelporziano, appeared on the map of Seapass only in the late afternoon of yesterday, while today they were “temporarily closed due to the adaptation of Covid-19 directives”.

seapass (2) -2

Presutti, at RomaToday, added: “We received dozens of calls from people who wanted to come to eat at us or get the first sun, but read from Seapass that we were closed. This is not tolerable. Weeks ago we had made proposals. It’s okay to be ignored, we can accept it but we can be censored not. It is the Town Hall that has not yet positioned the poles, we are managing much better than they can. Just look at how they have set up the other free beaches and this app which is not an app. First they inserted us, then they made us disappear and now they even write that we are closed. This is called being false and incorrect for both us and citizenship“.

An outlet then also published on Facebook, and shared on the page of the Mediterranean kiosk thus generating a series of user comments.

seapass (1) -2

It is clear that the Seapass web app, presented in Campidoglio on May 27, is still in the running-in phase: at 3 pm (for the record) the shot was correct and Capocotta, from closed, became “open and usable”, as on the other hand it was already from the first day.

Furthermore, according to what is learned, the ministry of Ostia Giuliana Di Pillo, in first person, contacted the president of the Consorzio Capocotta Cinquespiagge guaranteeing that such a situation will never happen again and full availability to avoid any other damage.

Some notes of controversy, however, by the councilor for tourism of the X Municipality Damiano Pichi who however admits the error: “We apologize for the material error that was promptly corrected following my report and not yours. if you had done it immediately it would have been much earlier also because it took less time to call her than to write the post. For the rest of the good season, “she wrote in a post.


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