For the San Raffaele primary, coronavirus “from the clinical point of view no longer exists”


Coronavirus? “From a clinical point of view it no longer exists”. And again: “I really laugh. Today is the 31st of May and about a month ago we heard epidemiologists say they feared a new wave for the end of the month, or for the beginning of June, and who knows how many therapy places intensive work was needed … In fact, the virus, practically, from a clinical point of view no longer exists “. He stated it Alberto Zangrillo, primary of the San Raffaele of Milan, at ‘Half an hour more’ on Raitre.

The primary notes that “the swabs currently performed in the last ten days have a viral load, from a quantitative point of view, absolutely infinitesimal compared to those performed on patients a month, two months ago”. And it is “the truth, I say it officially, all Italians make a reason for it”. Zangrillo underlined his statements saying “I put my signature on it”.

Locatelli: “Surprise and bewilderment”

“I can only express great surprise and utter bewilderment at the statements made by Professor Zangrillo with phrases such as’ the virus no longer exists clinically and that ‘terrorizing the country is something for which someone must take responsibility’. Just look at the number of new cases of positivity to SARS-CoV-2 that are confirmed every day to demonstrate the persistent circulation in Italy of the new coronavirus “, he underlines Franco Locatelli, president of the Superior Health Council and member of the technical-scientific Committee.

“Having greatly increased the intensive care places – he adds – is an enormous merit of the national health system, since it has allowed to offer a clinical response to many patients who otherwise could not have been adequately treated”.

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