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Football starts again, as we have always hoped for. We didn’t think we should play in risky or dangerous conditions, but we thought it essential to wait for the virus to lessen its effects, so that we could try to restart the movement. Our goal was not to spend the summer watching games (it is not, however, a perspective we disdain); we thought rather of hundreds of thousands of people who make a living through the ball without being Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and Conte (Antonio, obviously).Now everyone seems happy and successful: we play, we made it. Plan. Here there are many people who have opposed the resumption of football in an evident and sometimes unpleasant way. Well, these are the losers: the anti-league. There are some posters among the presidents: the agitated Cellino and Cairo, eg. And others who, while they said they wanted to leave, worked to convince others that it was not really the case to go on. One above all: Marotta. But the real big defeat among sports managers is certainly Malagò, who for three months tried to convince everyone that football was the same as the other team disciplines: basketball, rugby, track hockey, tambourine. And with some he has also succeeded: the minister Spadafora, for example, followed him unaware of slipping into the tunnel of losers.

Yes, Spadafora. Now everyone applauds him and celebrates him, thanks him and caresses him. In reality the restart of football is also its defeat, because for three months he too has obstinately opposed the reboot line. Let’s say it clearly: if it had been for the minister of sport, the championship would never have resumed and would have ended Ligue 1. He changed course, not too gradually, when he realized that in his world, politics, there was nobody on his side: neither the government allies, nor the opposition and not even those of his own party. If it played well, however: a loser who passes as a winner makes a master stroke.

As for the real, real winners, two above all: the much mistreated Gravina, capable of withstanding a thousand storms and as many attacks, sometimes cowardly; and then Lotito, who has often fought only against almost everyone with sometimes rough but effective ways (and now his Lazio can try to win the championship …). Also De Laurentiis he fought for the recovery, as did the leaders of the League, the president Dal Pino and the CEO De Siervo.Come to think of it, the losers are almost more numerous than the winners. They took the result outnumbered: a business.


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