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For football the day of truth has arrived: today the verdict on the second half. At 18.30 the vertices of the ball (Figc, Lega Serie A, Lega B, Lega Pro, Amateurs, Aic, Aia) will meet with the sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora, a meeting scheduled for some time from which, in all probability, the fateful yes will come for the restart of the championship. Gravina he stressed that the total stop would entail irreparable damage for the Italian movement (“We have already lost 500 million”), we expect the green light and the definitive date to work on.DATE In this sense, June 13 is the day circled in red on the calendar. Few clubs have pushed for June 20, but the League expects to have the green light for 13-14: this weekend the four recoveries could be disputed (Atalanta-Sassuolo, Inter-Sampdoria, Turin-Parma and Verona-Cagliari). In the background the hypothesis of playing the return semi-finals of the Italian Cup (Juventus-Milan and Napoli-Inter) on June 13-14, unencrypted on Rai Uno.

CTS KNOT, BOLOGNA ANXIETY – There are still knots to be resolved, especially the one linked to the anti-infection protocol after the last clarification released yesterday by the cts: no discount on football, 14 days of fiduciary withdrawal and not 7 in case of positivity. From this point of view, the Bologna case generated some apprehension: a positive suspect in the staff (it would not be a player or a technician), the club has followed what is indicated in the protocol in force by suspending the team’s training and, if the case is confirmed, will proceed to isolate the group in retirement . The issue, however, should not jeopardize the go-ahead for the recovery: the opinion of the CTS could come after the meeting between Spadafora and the top management and, with a further weakening of the contagion curve in June, the bridles could be loosened by halving the timing of the fiduciary withdrawal.

LIVE GOAL – Another theme to be resolved is that related to the transmission of the matches, which will obviously be played behind closed doors. From this point of view, however, it is difficult for definitive and binding decisions to arrive: Spadafora pushes for the direct goal in the clear and to proceed with the temporary suspension of the effects of the law Melandri awaits the necessary agreement between Sky and the League, but at the moment the frontal clash for the payment of the last tranche related to the rights for the 2020 season / 21 blocks operations. The alternative transmission hypothesis also remains in place highlights in the clear immediately after the end of the matches.SERIES B AND C – Serie A is getting ready to start again, but for the other championships it’s all to be decided. The doctors of B series they expressed their concerns about the clubs’ ability to comply with the protocol, but the League expects to be able to work on 20 June as a possible restart date. There Lega Pro looking for an alternative plan to an impossible restart under the current conditions, while the D has already decreed the definitive stop: a group of 31 teams, however, does not want to go back to the table and is ready to take legal action to avoid them, having already sent a letter-formal notice to the FIGC.

TOncora few hours, then the verdict will arrive: football with bated breath, you decide for the restart.

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