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Real Madrid ahead of everyone and no Italian in the top 10. This is the picture that emerges from the latest report by KPMG on the business value of European clubs, the “Football Clubs’ Valuation: The European Elite 2020”. The analysis takes into consideration 32 football clubs, including 6 Italian ones: Juventus (11th place), Inter (14th and with significant growth in value), Rome is Naples (16th and 17th place respectively), Milan (22nd place and only Italian club that sees its value decrease) e Lazio (28th place). On the podium, in addition to the Blancos, also Manchester United and Barcelona.

There are many parameters for establishing the value of a company: they range from player cards to the collection of the stadium, from the sale of television rights to popularity on social networks. To command, as mentioned, there is Real Madrid, which is close to 3.5 billion in value, followed by the Red Devils and rivals of Barça.

Until 2019 there was the Juve to defend the Italian colors in the top 10, but in 2020 Andrea Agnelli’s club slipped to 11th place, overtaken by the double jump of the PSG, now 9th in front of Arsenal. This despite, in a year, the value of the bianconeri has increased by 12%, reaching altitude 1.73 billion euros. The real boom, however, made him record theInter of Suning, who only gained one position, but with an increase in the value of 42% (983 million euros), which becomes a + 146% compared to 2016, the year the Chinese giant took over the team. In the four-year period only Lyon and Tottenham have grown more.

The figure of the last 4 years also smiles at the Romans: i Giallorossi have grown by 68%, reaching a value of 602 million, while i Biancocelesti they recorded an increase of 41%, reaching 328 million. Growth just below that of Naples, which reaches the value of 590 million with a + 50% in the last 4 years.

The only flop is that of Milan: the Rossoneri remain ahead of Lazio as an absolute value (526 million euros), but fall by 3.5% compared to 2016. In one year, the Elliot fund company lost around 30 million in value, recording a – 5 % compared to 2019.

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