Football drama: ex Roma Joseph Perfection dies of cardiac arrest


ROME – Drama in the world of football, he passed away at just twenty-one years Joseph Perfection Bouasse Shadow for a arrest cardiac. Cameroonian born in 1998, Joseph landed in Italy in 2014 years, with many hopes and little else. As soon as he arrived he came hooked by a character who promised him a career as a professional footballer, but when they arrived in Rome, in front of the station Terms, Joseph was left to himself.

He entered the circuits reception because he had nowhere to go, and there they advised him to to come in in ‘Liberi Nantes’, association sporty amateur founded on October 26, 2007, born on the spontaneous initiative of nine football fans who attended the “Antiracist World Cup” in Bologna.

Rome brought him into Trigoria to make it play in the youth team. After a year and a half without playing official matches for bureaucratic problems, Joseph Bouasse officially became a Giallorossi player in 2016. Roma spring in 2016, then Vicenza and from January to Gaz Metan Media?, Romanian league club.

Rome, condolences for the disappearance of Joseph Perfection

In the early afternoon the condolence of the Rome via a post on your Twitter account: “Roma mourns the disappearance of ex-Primavera player Joseph Bouasse Perfection and huddles with loved ones in this moment of great pain.”

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