Fontana: ‘The figure’ zero deaths ‘to be taken with pliers’ – Chronicle


“The thing that reassures me is the number of new infected people that is decreasing – the president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana told Rtl –. The ‘zero deaths’ is a data that will be taken with a grain of salt, in the sense that unfortunately Sunday is a day during which communication is not always precise and perfect, sometimes they arrive late. It is certainly very positive as a given, but let’s not delude ourselves that it’s over. “The data” are absolutely official “, confirmed Fontana.

The data “are absolutely official, yesterday certainly zero deaths and it’s a positive thing, it’s a trend that is continuing. But let’s not delude ourselves that the death toll is now over” said Fontana. “It is possible, I hope so, I don’t want to distribute too much enthusiasm because in the last few days we have witnessed nightlife and gatherings that are a bit worrying. I would not want these additional data to create excessive enthusiasm,” he concluded.

Also according to the councilor for Welfare of Lombardy, Giulio Gallera, in Morning Five, the figure of zero deaths in Lombardy released yesterday “let’s look at it with caution: at the beginning of each month, about a hundred deaths related to the registry offices of the Municipalities happened which are not updated daily” and yesterday “from our hospitals” came “the data indicating no death, but it was Sunday but I would not like to be euphoric today on a fact that would be significant “but then record” a strong denial “. “I find it very sad that we use the health emergencies that have been very dramatic here compared to elsewhere – said Gallera commenting on the requests for resignation -, to try to undermine those who democratically have been elected to govern for 30 years this region, but we go on working. ” “It annoys that there is a region that has an original model in which public and private collaborate and compete in a virtuous way and that is an excellence. It is in general because we have more than 150 thousand people who come to our region and stay there returning even now despite the attacks and despite Gallera’s requests to resign: the citizens of Campania, Puglia are booking in our hospitals to come and seek treatment despite the hate campaign “.

“What happened the last seventh is an irrepressible desire to return to normal but this can be risky”, said the councilor for Welfare of Lombardy commenting on the nightlife and the gatherings of the last few days. The effects “will be seen in about 12 days, it seems to me there is a sort of removal effect that is wrong but we must still remember” what “happened a few weeks ago in our region,” he added. “If we do not have a responsible attitude, the risk of returning so objectively is there,” he concluded by saying that the images of gatherings worry him “very much”.


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