Focus, direct new attempt to launch NASA SpaceX Falcon 9 Dragon 2


Focus, direct new attempt to launch NASA SpaceX Falcon 9 Dragon 2The 1920s like the 1960s and starting from this suggestion, Focus dedicates the 30 May to this day that promises to be special. For the first time a private carrier, the SpaceX Falcon 9, will carry the spacecraft SpaceX Dragon 2 with two NASA astronauts at the ISS (International Space Station). Quite a few commentators are comparing this event to the launch of the Kennedian program that wanted the US to be on the moon within 10 years. Elon Musk he plans to bring the Americans (and NASA) back to us by 2023/2025, not to mention that by 2040 he wants to be the first to bring man to Mars. The last tests of the Falcon Super Heavy (the most powerful rocket ever built) have been successful. This vector is able to push a capsule containing several dozen astronauts beyond the Earth’s atmosphere to start the journey to Mars.

New attempt to launch the “Falcon 9” and the spacecraft “Dragon”, towards the International Space Station. The journey of Bob Behnken is Doug Hurley, within the mission Demo-2, is scheduled for Saturday 30 May, at 21:22 ca., Italian time. After no-go due to bad weather on Wednesday, the day of the fateful #LaunchAmerica seems established. The enterprise of Elon Musk, with her “SpaceX”, and of NASA, with his two astronauts, returns to embellish the “Focus” schedule. The Mediaset thematic network dedicated to the dissemination directed by Marco Costa, at 35 on the remote control, opens the live broadcast at 20:45 to follow the countdown from Launch Complex 39A of the “Kennedy Space Center”, in Florida. The wait, thanks to the postponement, is spasmodic. Eyes focused on TV, therefore, to witness a historical moment, anticipating future space conquests and impulses towards a more promising and suggestive future.

With the journalist and popularizer Luigi Bignamiauthoritative guests invited to comment on the event:

  • Lt. Col.. Walter Villadei, Air Force. It will be the next Italian to go into space. He will comment on the last delicate stages before the launch.
  • Ten Col. Daniele Mocio, Air Force. Meteorologist and familiar television face. He will comment on the general weather picture on Florida in the near future.
  • Prof. Francesco Topputo, Politecnico di Milano. Wednesday 27 he told us about the characteristics of the Dragon and the competing spacecraft. On Saturday he will talk about Falcon 9 and competing launchers.
  • Dr. Liliana Ravagnolo, Altec. Psychologist, she specializes in astronaut training and is working with crews destined for Mars. He will tell us what psychological characteristics an aspiring astronaut must have and how he can “educate” them to successfully deal with stressful situations like the one the Dragon crew is experiencing in these hours.
  • Prof. Michèle Lavagna, Politecnico di Milano. She is a super expert on the Moon. He is working on a system with which those who live permanently in the lunar bases will be able to extract oxygen from the surface of our satellite in the future.
  • Ing. Walter Cugno, Thales – Alenia.He is one of the top executives of Thales Alenia: he will talk about the projects that will see Alenia (and Italy) among the protagonists of the next new moon landing.
  • Ing. Marco Molina, Sitael. A new generation of satellites is about to be launched to make a revolutionary contribution to Earth study.
  • Prof. Federico Manzini, Inaf. With prof. Manzini, a comet scholar, will conclude our tribute to Hubble for the thirty years of his being put into orbit.
  • Ing. Giulio Ranzo, Avio. Another great Italian engineering company engaged in the new phase of human and robotic exploration of the solar system.

Bignami, with Villadei and Mocio, comments on the launch procedure in light of the evolution of the Florida meteorological picture; with Topputo and Villadei he talks about the main existing launchers: the Soyuz and the Falcon, and those that are developing; with Cugno, Ranzo and Villadei, of the role of the Italian industry and of the Aeronautics themselves in supporting the major private aerospace companies; with Molina and Topputo, of a new, revolutionary generation of satellites for studying the Earth; with Liliana Ravagnolo, psychologist applied to the training of the crews who will go to Mars, if the delay of a launch could generate some type of stress in the crew and how astronauts are trained to dominate and turn it in their favor; with Michèle Lavagna and Topputo, techniques under study to extract water and oxygen from the lunar surface, in view of the next permanent human settlements on our satellite; with Federico Manzini, finally, it completes the memory of the great discoveries of Hubble, talking about their studies on comets.

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