Floyd’s wrath for the autopsy. And the arrested policeman is left behind by his wife


The sentence comes early from the street and from the family. Neither the African American community nor the wife of police officer Derek Chauvin intend to wait for a judge’s verdict. The blacks of America set the United States on fire, from Detroit to Los Angeles. Ms. Chauvin immediately seeks divorce from her “executioner” husband after 10 years of marriage.

The anger of the Afro Americans and that of the ex-agent Chauvin’s wife are the first final verdict on the policeman who for about 9 interminable minutes kept his knee pressed on the neck of George Floyd, whose death shortly thereafter, in hospital, he unleashed the fury left from Minneapolis and arrived on the two sides of America. Although Hennepin County prosecutor Mike Freeman admits at the press conference that the indictment of a policeman has never been so fast. Although the charge of homicide and manslaughter adds to the immediate dismissal of Agent Chauvin. Although United States Attorney General William Barr promises an investigation to determine whether federal civil rights laws have been violated.

In the end, no one believes the autopsy that ruled out strangulation and asphyxia as the cause of the death of George, 46, the African American who was arrested after trying to buy cigarettes with a fake $ 20 banknote. The death – says the report – would have been caused by the combination of “previous heart problems and potential toxic substances”. A version that the victim’s family members do not believe above all, who now ask for an independent analysis and have already hired a former coroner, arriving today in Minneapolis, to ascertain the circumstances of the death, with an autoptic investigation whose outcome will be announced next week. “The family does not trust anything that comes from the Minneapolis police department – said lawyer Ben Crump – We have already seen the truth”.

And not to trust Agent Chauvin is first of all his wife Kellie Xiong in 2018 proclaimed Mrs Minnesota. It is she who leaves him first to her fate, who defines herself “devastated” by the death of George Floyd and announces that she has started the procedures for the end of her marriage. It is likely that the origins of the lady, born in Laos in 1974, and also belonging to a minority, the Hmong, a people living between southern China, Vietnam and Laos, from which her family escaped during the Vietnam War, to take refuge in Thailand before and in the United States after, in 1980. Radiologist in a Minneapolis hospital, Kellie is forced by the family to an arranged marriage, from which she has two children, but which closes after ten years. Only afterwards did the meeting come in 2009, in the emergency room, with Agent Chauvin, while he was bringing a man under arrest to hospital, before transferring him to prison. Interviewed on the occasion of the coronation of Mrs Minnesota, a title intended for married women and which can access the scepter of Mrs America, her husband Kellie said: “Since then she still keeps the door open, puts on my coat, is a gentleman” . Now the music has changed. Kellie had to flee her home in Minneapolis, which the angry blacks of America branded with a sign saying “A murderer lives here,” demonstrating in front of the house. And she proclaims her solidarity with the victim’s family for the tragedy and asks for “security and maximum privacy” for her loved ones, especially her two children with her previous husband. His current agent Chauvin, who has been filed for divorce while in prison, faces up to 35 years in prison. But after the dismissal and arrest, pending the pronouncement of justice, the most hateful sentence came for him, the one that puts in a bad light the conduct of man and life partner. The end of his marriage.

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