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Death of George Floyd, protests in New York: police cars on demonstrators throwing objects

MINNEAPOLIS. Philonise Floyd, the brother of the African American killed by the police in Minneapolis, told Msnbc that his conversation with Donald Trump was “too fast”. “It didn’t even give me the opportunity to speak,” he continued. “It has been difficult. I tried to talk to him but he kept pushing me away as if he said “I don’t want to hear what you’re talking about – he said -. I just told him that I want justice and that I could not believe that they had committed a modern lynching in broad daylight, “he went on to add that Philonise Floyd also spoke with Joe Biden, the dem candidate in the race to the White House, in recent days. : «I asked him to obtain justice for my brother. I need it. I don’t want to see his face on a shirt like the others (African Americans died at the hands of the police, ed.). Nobody deserves that treatment, the lives of African Americans matter. “

Arrest across the country
Police in these days of protest arrested around 1,400 people in 17 cities across the United States. In New York alone, 345 officers were arrested in the night between Saturday and Sunday. In the riots, 33 officers were injured – some seriously but none in danger of life – and 47 police vehicles were damaged or destroyed.

Stabbed agent
In Jacksonville, Florida, a police officer was “stabbed or injured in the neck and is currently in the hospital.” Sheriff Mike Williams made the announcement, reports the CNN. In protests over Floyd’s death, other agents were attacked by rioters and hit with stones and bricks.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry explained that the protest began with 1,200 peaceful people and respectful families and after they left it turned into riots and violence. Several people have been arrested but the exact number has not yet been released. “We will not tolerate it in our city nor will we let our city burn,” said the first citizen.

The most serious situation in Indianapolis, Indiana, where at least three people were shot and one died in Saturday night’s protests. The police are investigating and advising citizens to avoid the area. A police officer also suffered minor injuries.

Death George Floyd, thousands lying on their stomach in Denver: the impressive images

National guard in the streets

Parades and demonstrations, often accompanied by clashes and vandalism, took place from New York to Washington DC, from Los Angeles to Atlanta, from Boston to Chicago, from Seattle to Columbus. A dozen states have mobilized the national guard, curfew in 25 cities. Clashes around the White House where a Fox News crew was attacked.

Usa, Fox News reporter attacked by protesters for the death of George Floyd outside the White House

The American National Guard also intervened in the capital Washington DC to protect the White House surrounded by hundreds of violent protesters who have engaged in heavy fighting with the police. The rioters set fire to some garbage cans and destroyed several shop windows in the capital.

In New York, demonstrators occupied streets, blocked traffic, targeted police cars with graffiti and marched from Harlem to Brooklyn, from Queens to Trump Tower in Manhattan. Brooklyn also had riots with the police, who arrested over 200 people outside the Barclays Center on Friday. A Huffington Post reporter arrested and then released in New York.

Minneapolis, the arrest of George Floyd seen from three different perspectives: this is what happened

Political clash in New York
In New York, controversy between Mayor Dem Bill de Blasio and the young party star, MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for the police SUV launched against the crowd of protesters who had surrounded him in protests for the death of George Floyd. The first citizen stressed that the agents may have had no other choice but the ‘pasionaria’ dem tweeted that “launching an SUV on a crowd should never be considered normal. It doesn’t matter who does it, it doesn’t matter why. ” «As mayor, this police department is under his responsibility. This moment requires leadership and accountability from all of us. Defending or apologizing for the police SUV on the crowd is wrong, “he added, inviting the mayor to de-escalate tensions.

Death of George Floyd, police in Los Angeles fire on unarmed demonstrators

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