Floyd case, autopsy: “It wasn’t the suffocation”


L’autopsy just conducted on the body of George Floyd, the African American killed in Minneapolis after a white policeman knelt on the victim’s neck for 9 minutes, appears to have been a mockery for the victim’s family. The official autoptic examination has in fact excluded, on the body of the black man, signs of a strangulation, despite the numerous videos and testimonies that describe the agent precisely holding his knee against Floyd’s neck, immobilized in those moments by the law enforcement for a security check. The controversial outcome of the forensic examination was revealed as the protest against police abuse of minorities becomes increasingly violent and the reaction of law enforcement agencies increasingly harsh.

The official autopsy on the body of the African American, lets know theHuffington Post, first of all he put in black and white that “there are no physical elements that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxiation or strangulation“.

After denying the thesis that the tragic disappearance of the black individual would be a direct and exclusive effect of the suffocation caused to the victim by the pressure exerted on the neck by the policeman’s knee, the coroner’s report then goes on to indicate a complex concurrence of causes as a probable assumption of the death of the citizen of Minneapolis.

The medical staff of the county of Heppepin, the Italian newspaper points out, hints at a probable tangle of circumstances, which would also include Floyd’s previous pathologies, such as coronary artery disease and hypertension, as well as the effects of an apparent toxic compound ingested in precedence from the victim: “The combined effects of being blocked by the police, his previous illnesses and some potential intoxicating substance in his body probably contributed to his death“.

Floyd’s family immediately contested the content of the official report, according to which at the origin of the victim’s death there was not only a suffocation, demanding a second autopsy exam, this time really impartial.

As a result, African American relatives always report theHuffington Post, invoked the help of the forensic pathologist and well-known television face Michael Baden, so that he may subject the body of black man to new tests. Baden, he reports Fox News, would have accepted the request for help from Minneapolis, assuring that he will go today to the city where the tragedy took place.

The disappointment and indignation of the family members of the dramatically disappeared subject were justified by the lawyer of the former, Ben Crump, with the following words, quoted by the information body directed by Mattia Feltri: “The family doesn’t trust anything from the Minneapolis police department. We have already seen the truth“.

While controversy erupts over the credibility of the report pertaining to Floyd’s body, black rights activists have assaulted, in the metropolis where the black individual died, the cop’s home immortalized while holding his knee pressed against his neck. of the unfortunate.

The angry demonstrators, the Italian newspaper highlights, in fact went to the urban suburb of Oakdale to vandalize the white agent’s house Derek Chauvin, currently in prison just for Floyd’s death. The charges of pre-intentional murder and third-degree murder hang over the policeman. For these charges, the state criminal system prescribes a sentence that can even go up to 25 years in prison.

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