Floyd, autopsy: ‘Knee on the neck for 9 minutes’. Constant clashes: a policeman and a 19 year old killed | Abroad


One police officer was killed and another injured from gunshots during last night’s protests in Oakland, in California. The reports it CNN citing police sources. At least 7,500 protesters took to the streets to demonstrate after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. There are reports of looting, shops set on fire and attacks on other policemen as well, according to police reports.13.10 Fourth day of heated protests in the United States after death a Minneapolis by George Floyd, the African American held down on the ground for 9 minutes (as the autopsy established) with one knee on the neck by a white policeman then arrested. The autopsy on the victim, however, currently excludes “a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxiation or strangulation”, as reported by theHandle. The family asks for another independent one.

In the meantime, a 19-year-old boy was killed in Detroit, Michigan, from shots from an SUV. The Associated Press reported. The shots were aimed at a crowd of people who were demonstrating for the killing of Floyd. The boy died in the hospital.

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