Floyd, another dead in the protests. What the autopsy said


    <h2>Protests continue in America following the death of George Floyd, who lost his life while under police arrest</h2>


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    <p>At least three people have been injured by gunshots and one is <strong>dead</strong> in protests in the center of <strong>Indianapolis</strong> for the death of <strong>George Floyd</strong> on Saturday evening. This was stated by the chief of police of Indianapolis <strong>Randal Taylor</strong> at a press conference, according to what reported by the 'CNN'. A police officer also reported minor injuries.

Another person previously died in Detroit, also in the context of protests over the death of George Floyd.

As some American media report, citing a calculation made by the “PA”, the police have nearly 1,400 people arrested in 17 cities in the United States of America since protests began for the death of African American George Floyd.

Protests over George Floyd’s death occurred a Minneapolis, where the African American died under police arrest, and in other American cities, from New York to Washington DC, from Los Angeles to Atlanta, from Boston to Chicago, from Seattle to Columbus. Various states have mobilized the national guard. The curfew it is in force in over a dozen cities.

Almost everywhere, reports of ‘Ansa’, there have been reports of tensions, scuffles with the police, car fires and rubbish bins, broken shop windows.

A crew Fox News was targeted by a group of protesters protesting in front of the White House on Saturday over the death of George Floyd.

The demonstrators, as reported by ‘Ansa’, surrounded the reporter Leland Vittert while he was live and chased him hostile as he walked away with his collaborators, using punches and throwing objects.

The camera broke down after one of the protesters attempted to grab it.

Death George Floyd: what the autopsy says

To increase the anger of the demonstrators were also the preliminary results of theautopsy on the body of George Floyd, who excluded traumatic asphyxia and strangulation, concluding, as reported by ‘Ansa’, that “the combined effects of being blocked by the police, of his previous pathologies (coronary artery disease and hypertension) and of some potential substance intoxicating in his body probably contributed to his death. ”

The family has already asked for an independent autopsy: “We don’t trust local authorities.”

Death George Floyd: check another video

Meanwhile, other developments have come from the investigation into the death of George Floyd: a new video shows not one but three policemen pressing their knees on Floyd.

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