Flavio Zerella and Roberta Mercurio flashback?


We met the couple in the reality show on channel 5 Temptation Island. Since then, however, many things have changed, in fact the two broke up, even if there seems to be a flashback …

To launch the clue of a possible return of flamea is Deianira Marzano, the influencer is in fact very attentive to any detail.

He recently pointed out that the two they shared the same imageand in their instagram stories accompanied by a philosophical phrase …

Flavio Zerella and Roberta Mercurio went on


Despite the same photo on their instagram stories it looks like both of Temptation Island’s former competitors are go on …

In fact, the shared photo was probably just a coincidence. Also because just recently Roberta has published some instagram stories in the company of a mysterious man …

While as we well know Flavio started a relationship with Nunzia Sansonshe is also a former participant of Temptation Island!

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Flavio Zerella and Nunzia Sansone

Nunzia-Samson-and-Flavio-Zerella-1140 × 641

the two former participants on Temptation Island both came out of important relationships, she with Archangel Biancor and him with Roberta Mercurio.

Their relationship has been highly criticized, but despite this the two continued their knowledge not caring!

The two after being paparazzi together decided to make a video to explain why they hadn’t made it there public report from the beginning.

“… I wanted to live it alone with Flavio, understand well and then talk about it with you .. ”These are the words of Nunzia.

Nunzia and Flavio ended their video with one arrow to their ex ..

“We are one thing and other people are another thing, if they have joined us we don’t care, we have a personality, the others I don’t know. We don’t want to make controversy, we just don’t want to be associated with anyone, just this. “

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