Five changes, nothing extra: football changes, Juventus-Milan opens


The dawn of a new era, still inaugurated by Juve. For many it is no accident, it is not even for Minister Spadafora. Who insisted and got the restart with the super challenges of the Italian Cup: first the semifinals (the 13th), after four days immediately the epilogue. In Rome, in the city of the government. A spot? Likely. For sure, an event that many expected. Despite some changes in the race …NEW FOOTBALL – It can be said that everything has changed, that popular national sport has done it too. And that the restart will have the aftertaste of the things that have lost their ancient flavor. True: there will be a field, there will be clashes, above all there will be a trophy to compete for. Above all, however, there will be the frenzy and there will be the difficulties (not only physical) of a ball that must necessarily roll in some goal. The new football with the five changes – but in three rounds – and without extra time will be a just, excellent, sacrosanct replacement. But only a replacement.

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