First post-lockdown weekend: Ostia and Mondello stormed. In Rimini plants still closed


Racquets, balls, high chairs, towels hanging close together, small groups of people with soaking feet. The photograph of Mondello beach, taken by assault by the Palermitans, tells of a first sunny Saturday of this strange summer 2020 under the sign of the coronavirus, which seems equal to all the others, if it were not for the sweaty police and with the face mask that do what they can, or almost nothing.


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Tintarella and calippi

Lots of people at the sea too in Rimini, the heart of the Italian seaside nightlife, but there is no need to crowd, here there is a beach for everyone, you can walk and tan, while the bulldozers that “comb” the sand roar around , because the factories are almost all still closed, taken from the preparations and quibbles of the interwoven ordinances. In bathroom 29, the owner Andrea planted the umbrellas eight meters from each other “and then we’ll see.” In Cervia the season has been baptized but the sore point is the ban on “dance entertainment and musical events”, or nothing happy hour and its surroundings, only “listening music with sitting position”, nothing but dancing on the beds of Papeete. Tintarella and calippi. On the Lazio beaches, the season will start next Friday and at the moment, you could only walk or take a swim, without staying on the shore, lying less than ever. So “vertical” tanning, otherwise you are at risk of a fine, but there is a lot. From Santa Marinella to Fregene to Maccarese, there have been several offenders of the tintarella on the shore. “You can only transit and not stop”, they warn from the General Command of the tenth sea group of Roma Capitale which watches over Ostia and sometimes punishes: “We stopped people with a shovel and bucket”. Free vacationers on the Pontine coast, from Latina, Gaeta and Sabaudia, where the controllers have been less watched.

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In Liguria and Versilia

Even in Liguria you could not sunbathe on free beaches, at best throw yourself into the water and dry on your feet. In Savona eleven “outlaw” swimmers were surprised and fined, € 285 of minutes each. The beaches will reopen on June 3, but under the same umbrella there will be a maximum of four people from the same family, the numerous ones either take two or take turns. Instead in Bibione, Venice, the beach is maxi and so, from next Saturday, 16, 32 or 64 square meters places will be available in the sun. In Versilia, from Viareggio to Marina di Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi, a hundred of the approximately 400 beaches that dot the coast, as well as further down, in Capalbio and Feniglia di Orbetello reopened yesterday. The Livorno people have a few more problems because, between rocks and concrete, the space is limited and the spacing complicated. On the Amalfi coast, the mayors of Cetara and Maiori have prudently closed the free beaches. We start tomorrow in Puglia, but only one in 10 plants is ready.

In Sardinia

The 600 km of white beaches in Sardinia remain reserved for the Sardinians, at least until June 3, when flights from Rome and Milan will resume, therefore the one hundred thousand owners of second homes will have to remain in the first. A group of German tourists who left Düsseldorf at dawn and carelessly headed for Olbia airport found it closed. After a few laps in the round, the pilot had to turn around from the front, auf wiedersehen.

May 23, 2020 (change May 23, 2020 | 11:13 pm)


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