First day of school in Spain. From Greece to Scotland, who opens and who doesn’t


May 25, 2020 – 1:12 pm

In England Boris Johnson has already backed down on the reopening of primary schools on June 1st: only where possible. And Scotland remains closed

of School editorial staff

The glance is clear. If you look at the map published by UNESCO that since the beginning of the crisis monitors the opening and closing of schools in the world, in Europe almost nobody has reopened all schools, but almost all have at least started to open some of them, where you can or where it was more urgent. Apart from the completely open Scandinavian avant-garde, in the rest of continental Europe you can surf on sight. France started to reopen schools two weeks ago but had been forced to close seventy schools last Monday due to new reports of infection. Germany has delegated the decision to the individual laender. The only countries still completely closed are England, Ireland, Spain and Italy. In England, Boris Johnson announced on Sunday that he wanted to reopen them at least for the youngest from June 1st, although the malicious ones claim that it is only a clumsy attempt to cover the scandal of his super adviser Cummings who has violated the lockdown and the unions are already in trench. While in Spain Premier Pedro Snchez has launched a multi-stage plan for the so-called desescalada, that is due to the relaxation of the restrictions put in place during the lockdown, which provides for a first reopening of schools from Monday 25 May, but only in the regions that entered phase 2: for now all other areas where the infection bites are excluded again such as Madrid and its surroundings, while Navarre and Catalonia have already made it known that they will reopen on June 1st and Andalusia only after the summer. The students who face the middle school exam and the Maturit exam are the first to return in these hours, while the others continue with home lessons for the moment, and nursery and nursery schools remain closed. In short, for a real reopening, we will start again in September.

May 25, 2020 | 13:12


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