“First cases in Liguria as early as December”, the history of the epidemic changes – Libero Quotidiano


A study coordinated by the Alisa (health agency of Liguria) highlighted how the coronavirus were present in Liguria well before the full – blown patients of Alassio, therefore well before February. The study is based on three elements: the predictive model, the examination of donor plasma and the analysis of CTs. “Already from predictive models, therefore analyzing the medium intensity and intensive care beds – he explained Filippo Ansaldi, responsible for prevention of Alisa – it emerged that the beginning of the circulation was already from the first half of January “.

Starting from this idea, two projects have been developed with the radiologists of the health facilities of Genoa and Savona “to see backwards if specific images for the Covid pathology were present before the recorded cases – explained Ansaldi – the December 27 a tac was quite compatible with Covid’s disease. Approaching March this number of tac was increasing. TO December they were already there 5 tac attributable to Covid. Were 16 to January“The study, submitted to the ethics committee about 40 days ago, allowed us to go and see specific antibodies in blood donors, starting from December:” As early as January 13 donors had come into contact with the virus. So both the predictive model and the donor plasma tests and the CT exams showed that there were already cases of Covid in the region in December, “concluded Ansaldi.

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