firmware 7.51 available, here is all the news


As you may have noticed by turning on yours PlayStation 4Sony has just released a brand new update for its console, the firmware of which has now come to the version 7:51.

On the official website it was reported that the update in question is limited to improving the stability of the system but, according to the testimonies of some users, the main objective of this update is the resolution of annoying problems that have manifested themselves with the firmware 7.50. We speak for the accuracy oferror SU-42118-6, which prevented a small circle of console owners from reading their disks correctly or ejecting them. So if you are among the users who have encountered this problem, we invite you to update as soon as possible. Unfortunately there are no other news to report about the new firmware, which as you can guess from its numbering is nothing more than a minor update and, as such, does not implement new features in the operating system of the platform.

Speaking of Sony consoles, did you know that recently updated sales figures revealed that PlayStation 2 sold more than PlayStation 4? We also remind you that on our pages you will find the list of the week’s releases on PS4.

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