Fires in Rome today Wednesday 27 May


The first call to the rescuers for a fire came at 6:30 in the morning from the former branch of the Hertz Institute in via Anagnina. Thus began this long fiery Wednesday with the proliferation of bonfires in different parts of the city.

Extinguishing operations in the Tuscolano area with firefighters, police and city policemen at work to quell the violent fire that broke out between the number 1113 of via Tuscolana and via Otello Stefanini are particularly demanding. A makeshift camp set up near a Cotral depot car park, not affected by the flames, caught fire.

Shortly after the second call this Wednesday from via della Magliana 361 where the rescuers were busy taming the flames that destroyed vintage cars and motorcycles that were in a deposit adjacent to the State Police car park.

The dial of the city changes but the request for intervention does not always change for a fire that broke out in the late morning at the Collatino. Some barracks and rubbish that were in via di Grotta di Gregna caught fire.

At the same time another vast outbreak, this time of brushwood and uncultivated fields in via delle Vigne, crossing height via Adeodato Ressi, (Colle del Sole area) with the flames that have perilously touched the nearby Polisportiva Tevere.

In the afternoon, the same script, in via di Salone, in the homonymous area of ​​the VI Municipio delle Torri and in the nearby via Osini, in Rocca Cencia. A subsequent call to close the interventions arrived in the afternoon from the area of ​​Villa De Sanctis – Centocelle. A large uncultivated field catching fire is located in via Romolo Lombardi, a stone’s throw from the former Nuovo Pianeta, a busy tent theater.

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Firefighters, State Police and Local Police of Rome Capital intervened in all the fires.

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