Fiorentina in Campi? Little is missing … timing, procedure and policy for the new purple stadium


Everything is ready for the new stadium in Campi Bisenzio

“The best way to do something is to do it,” he said Amelia Earhart and this mantra has characterized since its arrival in Florence also the President Rocco Commisso. The first manager, in fact, after almost a year of presidency has already laid the foundations for the most beautiful sports center in Europe and would have liked to draw conclusions for the stadium.

There policy stopped him. No, for now the bureaucracy has nothing to do with it Fine Arts, Pessina and the Superintendency. Politics crashed the enthusiasm of President Commission. The poles placed around the Franchi are the perfect alibi, the hiding place of the entire Florentine political class. Easy to accuse a technician, more difficult to give answers to an entrepreneur eager to invest for which certain controversies and certain parochialisms are completely incomprehensible. And therefore all hidden behind Pessina’s phrases, between Nardellian somersaults around the Mercafir, the improvised restyling architects, the staunch defenders of the CAP 50100.

Do. Among the many party chats, however, the President Rocco Commisso it also continued to move towards the third way, the one from most of the mistreated politics but well seen by a large part of fans. In fact, after reaching the general agreement already in the winter, Fiorentina continued the meetings with the Casini family, owner of the land on which the new stadium should rise. According to what learned from, there have been several meetings between the parties have been very frequent in recent weeks and we are really close to the agreement for the sale of the land. Fiorentina and Casini family they have always been in excellent relations and, as already foreseen with the Della Valle family, the final sale could very soon take place.

Victory. If indeed, as it seems, the agreement for the Stadium were to materialize, it would be a great victory for the Mayor of Campi Bisenzio Emiliano Fossi, attacked by several parties for his proposal and of Rocco Commisso that would be able to give Fiorentina a new cutting-edge facility. But in hindsight, he limited himself to doing a very simple thing that no one had done: proposing something, on paper, really feasible without calls, weights and counterweights.

Enthusiasm, yes, but keep an eye on the times. All that glitters is not gold, because the enthusiasms that will be created will have to deal with normal technical times. There are, however, some starting points: political will and a possible agreement between the parties. In addition, there is a structural plan of the Municipality of Campi that will be adopted in the coming weeks (the city council has not yet been planned) and that something is already saying, even if we will have to wait at least the end of the year for a final approval .

Campi Bisenzio Fiorentina Stadium

Step by step. The area we are talking about, or that included in the Piana agricultural park between Viale Allende, Villa Montalvo and a well-known wellness center, is intended for sports use with related secondary functions. You can read it among the attachments approved by the Copianification Conference of September 2019, one of the steps for the formation of the structural plan. Obviously, the document refers to the hypothetical project of the Sports Center that had been studied by the Della Valle property but this already suggests how serious the Municipality is doing. It is to be understood whether the stadium will enter the plan in the post-adoption phase, the canonical sixty days for the usual “observations” or if you would prefer to take time and make a variant later.

Not everything at once. It will not be an immediate thing, there are many urban planning tools to untangle, from the Municipal Operational Plan to the regional Pit which must have the arrival of this structure inside. It was risky, therefore, to make predictions about the times but it would be sufficient to let the whole story take the right turn to allow Rocco Commisso, Joe Barone and Fiorentina to lay the foundations for the New Stadium even if we will have to wait to see the bulldozers.

Defeat. The wait is expected, but this time it would be a “natural” wait, the time necessary to outline the new stadium on the cards. This decision by Fiorentina would become a great, yet another defeat for Dario Nardella and for the Municipality of Florence, passed from Mercafir to the rebuilding of the Franchi with a long push and pull which made it weary Commisso. The setback will have to make many people think.

Maccione’s apartheid. No, the Maccione bridge is not just an almost natural border between Florence and Campi, but a line that Nardella he is afraid of overtaking. Actually Campi is not the moon, but the Mayor of Florence and the Metropolitan City does not want to understand it. There Greater Florence it also passes from here especially to the eyes of a businessman who lives New York City and that those not even a thousand meters between the eventual Stadium and the Florentine border are nothing.

We will see what will happen, but the third way seems to be more and more the first. Fields … in purple.

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