Fiorentina has (again) optioned 38 hectares in Campi Bisenzio


Important updates are coming regarding the construction of the new purple plant much desired by the president lily

Goal number one is the restoration of the Franchi stadium. But Rocco Commisso, reports the Rai, has found an agreement with the Casini family, owner of the land of Campi Bisenzio. It is not said that the new stage of the Fiorentina should be born there but in the meantime the purple company has optioned 38 hectares until 2021. Thus renewing an option that Fiorentina had already entered into with the Of the valley and that had expired just a few months ago.

Land on which it would be possible to build the stadium but also all the structures attached to the sports facility. The contract will be subject to conditions precedent for the Fiorentina can evaluate the bureaucratic burdens and times deriving from the area’s urbanization times

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