Final Fantasy 7 Remake first in the USA, record sales in April 2020 for the sector –


April 2020 it’s been a month since record for the sales of video games in the USA: the sector showed a + 73% compared to last year, with 1.5 billion dollars spent by users.

Final Fantasy VII Remake it has established itself as the best Final Fantasy ever in the USA, and as already reported it has conquered the top of the American ranking, but it is the general figure that excites.

In fact, it seems that the current health emergency has actually stimulated video game sales with a record also for the hardware segment, which registered a + 163%, making it the best April ever.

To ride this success was in particular Nintendo Switch, which turns out to be the best-selling console in the United States from January to April. Who held the previous record? Always Nintendo, but with Wii in 2009.

“Eventually, demand for Switch and hardware in general will decline in the coming weeks,” wrote Mat Piscatella, executive director of games at NPD Group. “The question is whether consumer behavior has been permanently altered by current conditions.”

A question that everyone is asking, and whose answer could substantially influence the performance of the gaming market not only in the coming months, but also in the coming years.

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