Final Fantasy 16 announced in the summer, according to an indiscretion –


According to a new indiscretion, Final Fantasy 16 it should be announced this summer, along with a new intellectual property from Square Enix, Crimson Arbitium. The occasion of the announcement should be an unspecified event dedicated to video games.

Many hope that Final Fantasy 16 is shown together with one of the two new generation consoles, that is SS5 is Xbox Series X, but there is nothing certain about it. Having to bet we would bet more on PS5, given the excellent relationships of Sony with Square Enix, but it can never be said.

The rumor also talks about details related to the game, which should be set in a new fantasy universe, but this time with elements steampunk. The game should be directed by Naoki Yoshida, the current director of Final Fantasy XIV, famous for having raised the fortunes of the well-known Japanese MMORPG by making it literally go from stables to stars. It would be nice to see him grappling with his own project, without having to repair the damage done by others. It should be noted that Yoshida at the reins of Final Fantasy 16 had already been fabulous in the past.

The rumor also added details on the combat system, which should be a mix between that of Final Fantasy XV and that of Dark Souls … just in case, who knows how he will be able to link the two styles, extremely different from each other. After all, one is based on individual characters and the other on the management of a party. Intriguing.

At this point it is fair to specify that the rumor comes from 4chan and therefore there is a very good chance that it is completely false. However recently something good has come from there too … As always in these cases we recommend taking everything with due caution, because there is really nothing official.

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