Final Fantasy 16 and Crimson Arbitrium perhaps at the PS5 presentation event –


Final Fantasy 16 is Crimson Arbitrium – Agni’s Anthology could be two of the presentation event games from SS5 June 4th. This was deduced from a tweet by Ben Taylor, the technical director of Square Enix in Japan who, taking up the PS5 announcement message, commented: “You really shouldn’t miss it.

The tweet has since been canceled, but speculation started immediately. Many have indeed wondered what Square Enix games they could be in development for PS5. Given that in recent days a leak of news had talked about the possibility that Final Fantasy 16 and the new intellectual property Crimson Arbitrium – Agni’s Anthology could be presented by the summer, many have done two and two and have drawn the sums: Square Enix could show them together with the new Sony console.

Of course these are rumors and speculations, so take them with due caution and don’t take them for granted. Of course, seeing PS5 presented together with a new Final Fantasy would be a real hit. It will probably be a game multiplatform, which therefore will also be released on PC and Xbox, but the effect would still be disruptive.

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