Filippo Magnini unleashes: “A nightmare, how much I suffered”


“A tremendous stress”: the swimming champion Filippo Magnini he returned to talk about the accusations received for attempted doping talking about the margin of Mike Maric’s book “The Antistress Power of the Breath”.

The blue champion, considered among the best Italian swimmers ever, twice world champion in the 100 meters, saw himself in February undo his disqualification of four years from the Tas of Lausanne: a sentence that ended to his nightmare.

“The forced shutdown of the business was a very hard blow, but still the least important aspect because I always thought about the injustice I was experiencing and the my muddy image after so many years in which I have committed myself personally to doping. I was good at keeping everything, but it is obvious that I have suffered a lot in the past three years “.

“Mike (Maric ed) has helped me a lot. I suffered especially in the evening, in those moments when you are alone: ​​I have always had Giorgia next to me, but when you close your eyes you relive everything and for me it was one tremendous stress. I came out thinking positive and also with the breathing exercises recommended by Mike, “explained the former Azzurri.

Filippo Magnini will soon have a son with Giorgia Palmas: a few days ago the athlete and the former vellum communicated the happy news to everyone on Instagram. “I have no words to describe the moment I learned that I would become a father. Everything flows before your eyes in a confusing way, a mix of unique sensations that overlap each other, happiness, joy, love, adrenaline. Then for a moment everything stops and chaos becomes balance. A feeling of warmth enveloped me and I understand the meaning of lifeMagnini wrote on his profile.

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