Fiat will compete with Qashqai .. with the Tipo! – News


Fiat will compete with Qashqai .. with the Tipo!

Olivier Fran├žois, CEO of Fiat, among the statements made to a British magazine, also talks about Tipo and the future of the range. Curiously makes a explicit reference to Nissan Qashqai, talking about it as a reference of the range and model to which the Turin-based company wants to create competition. The focus will certainly be on the budget, as the market is teaching now, and the product will not be a model with its own identity but will be part of a range.

Gamma that will not be created ad-hoc or will use the name 500, but will be the family .. Like! In fact, the new Tipo generation is coming as well as some variants such as the Cross, but nothing will stop at a simple technological update. Like, it seems, it will become a brand in itself, exactly like 500, and among the products offered we will certainly see a change of sedan / station forms to SUV / Crossover. There is still time to see it on the market, as Fran├žois talks about completing the range within 5 years.

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