Fiat Panda, the most beautiful versions of the car most loved by Italians


On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Panda, the most famous super utility vehicle in Italy, we offer you nine iconic and historic Fiat models

On the occasion of the 40 years of the Panda, the super utility car of the Fiat born in 1980, our editorial staff has compiled a ranking of the nine most iconic models or which, however, have made the history of the brand. In these years the Panda has seen one first series of models that has ridden an entire twenty years, from 80 to 2003, when it was ousted by a second series which in turn, in 2012, gave way to third that is still running its course.

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Fiat Panda, photos and characteristics of the iconic models

Panda 4 × 4 Sisley – Released on the market in 1988, it was distinguished by its beige and alcantara imitation leather seats. The novelty was also the equipment including i wash headlights, the snorkel on the hood ed rack dedicated. The studs and the goalkeeper they had the adhesive writing with the model name.

Panda Young – In 1987 the Panda Young he wanted to ride the same style as the previous models. However, production costs and consequently the purchase price were optimized. The term “young” because the goal was to target it to a young audience and FIATgiven the results, she could be satisfied in this regard.

Italy ’90 – Made on the occasion of World Cup in Italy held in 1990, it was produced in limited series. White in color, it was available in versions L, CL and S. It was inspired by the previous style Young. It was also produced in version cabriolet, for those wishing to show off national flags outside the roof. Unfortunately, however, the football competition was won by Germany.

Sergio Tacchini – Released on the market in March 1990 and made in collaboration with Sergio Tacchini, wanted to be a fashionable vehicle for those times. The logos engraved on them stood out coatings interior of the doors besides the bridge which was self-illuminating in the night version.

Fiat Panda

Adventure – In 2014 it was presented and made available on the market as a sort of off-road vehicle suitable for even the most inaccessible routes. In recent years it has managed to attract a large share of the market Italy.

Fiat Panda

Pandazzurri – There Fiat, sponsor of the FIGC, with this model in 2016 he wanted to support Italy to French Football Championships. In addition to the color, of course, rigorously light blue, it was made in the following outfits: 500, 500L, 500X Mirror, 500X, Tipo and 124 Spider S-Design.

Fiat Panda

City Cross Waze – This model is recent (born in 2018), but it can already enter the history of the Turin brand and this was the first vehicle to be equipped with the app Waze. We are talking about a road navigation system for mobile devices.

Fiat Panda

Trussardi – It saw the light last year with the aim of being a style icon. It is distinguished by the colors of the exterior and interior in color opaque coffee. This is the most iconic color, but certainly not the only one. At the center of the steering wheel and rims, the greyhound stands out, a symbol of the fashion brand Trussardi.

Torpedo – The Panda Torpedo it was a prototype car that theItalian army, in the early 90s, he commissioned Fiat. Thought on the basis of Panda 4 × 4, wanted to be a light vehicle with high mobility. The realization was never finalized, however, as the weapon then decided not to finance the project. Some built specimens are parked in the factory in turin.

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