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There is still no official: the green light from the Conference of the Regions is still missing. But the orientation, after a series of meetings and evaluations (political and health), is to restart the world of discotheques, in Lazio, starting June 15.Read also: -> Discos open in June, the appeal of 33 Roman clubs to the Region: «Serological tests at the entrance»

The compass that guides the Region it is only one: that of caution. “We want to open in order not to have to close again”, comments the regional councilor for Economic Development and Trade, Paolo Orneli, back from face to face with the Silb, the union of entertainment companies. “We await the guidelines of the conference of the Regions – remarked Orneli – I noticed that there is a great sense of responsibility on the part of everyone. All the parties involved are aware of the fact that we have to start again in safety ». The restart would concern discotheques, dance halls, live shows and so on (work is also being done on the green light in the sector of conferences and fairs).

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The model adopted is that of shopping centers and amusement parks. And, therefore, mandatory measurement of fever at the entrance of the discos, recommended booking and a register, to be kept for 15 days, of customers. It will also be necessary to define that coefficient which will determine the maximum number of people who can enter a room. «We would be happy to reopen – he says Antonio Flamini, president of Silb Roma – but we remind the Region that our category was the first to close and the last to start again: funding is still needed “.

Some perplexities are, however, raised by the owners of indoor discos who, to date, have had some facilities (on rent). As he explains Marco Bornigia, patron of Piper and Alien: “Indoor premises do not work from May to September: it is okay to reopen those outdoors, but in our case it would be harmful. The risk is that then we would not be able to start again in September. Our sector is on its knees – remembers Bornigia – Personally I had to put 70 people into cassaintegration ». «We are happy that it will reopen – he underlines Daniele Aprile, patron of Spazio 900 and Le Terrazze – but it is important that some support and aid to the sector be maintained by the Region: starting will not be easy for anyone ». Meanwhile, the engines are warming up, but above all the DJs. Like the Roman Dj Ludwig: «I hope the date of June 15th will be confirmed. Little by little they are all starting again and I think it is also the turn of our sector, which has never been mentioned. Therefore, reopenings are welcome, for the workers, for the boys who after months locked up in the house want to have fun, and for us artists, who live for music ». The final decision is expected to come next week. “The collaboration is working very much and I am proud of this – says Orneli – but we must always remember what we have experienced”. Last update: 01:20


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