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The future Spanish Ferrari driver answers questions from the fans: “My dad the idol of the past with Alonso, Senna and Villeneuve. I’ve always dreamed of having strong companions to understand the secrets of speed “

“The goal of my career is definitely to win the World Cup.” Carlos Sainz has no limits and confirms that he is extremely ambitious. The Spaniard of McLaren, who will race for Ferrari in 2021, talked about it with the fans in a hit and response published on You Tube, in which he talked about what it is like to be a Formula 1 driver, about the close relationship with the champion dad rally to idols of the past. Here are its main steps.

Dakar me and dad

“Running a Dakar with my father? I don’t think it’s possible – he said – also because that race is something I could do much later in my career and at that point my father will be over 70 years old … And then nobody wants to be a co-pilot. Everything is possible, but it is very unlikely. “

Liability in F1

“The responsibility of being an F1 driver? That of knowing that in your hands and in your talent there are the results to achieve in order to appreciate the work of hundreds of people behind you “.

Idols of the past

“The idol of the past that inspired me has always been dad (Carlos senior, twice world champion rally; editor’s note). Then as a driver I grew up with Fernando Alonso’s victories and watching the videos of Ayrton Senna and Gilles Villeneuve, a great and truly spectacular driver. Then of course I looked with admiration at Schumacher and currently certainly Lewis Hamilton for what he is doing. So many, in short, but the one I have always admired the most is my father “.

Me and the other engines

“Running in other categories? No, I have never had other categories in my head other than F1. I want to become champion and only after it has happened will I be able to consider doing something else. In general, as a motoring pleasure, I like MotoGP, rallies and Endurance races like Le Mans. “

Me and the simulators

“Simulators and virtual races? I like them, but I don’t apply them like my other colleagues like Lando Norris and Max Verstappen. I also have the simulator to train, I enjoy it when I use it, but I also prefer to do other outdoor sports. With the quarantine I also improved in virtual races, however. “

The beauty of F1

“What gives you the most pleasure in driving an F1? The lateral G force, there is nothing comparable. I believe it is not going to 300 times on the straight, but the challenge that starts with curves, when you have to keep the speed with 6 G of lateral acceleration. It is something you can only do with talent and training. The power of the brakes, the speed, the F1 is incredible. And I realize that it is special because few have the privilege of being able to guide them “.

Me and my companions

“A driver from the past that I would have liked to be a teammate with? Always the best. It is a curiosity that I have had since I was 10 years old to learn the secrets of the strongest drivers, watch their telemetry, understand how strong the best are up close, understand what they do to be so fast by observing the data. Maybe to learn by copying something or going to improve something else. “

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