Femicide Cuneo, Mihaela killed inside the car with a gun: confesses a soldier


Killed in a Fiat Panda with four shots fired at point blank range two of them, mortals, have reached the chest. happened yesterday afternoon in Cuneo, in the parking lot of a supermarket. The victim of the femicide Mihaela Apostolides, 44 years old, Romanian living in Saluzzo. The man who took her life, stopped shortly afterwards by the car by the police he called himself, said he was a soldier stationed in Pinerolo, Francesco Borgheresi, 42, from Florence. Mihaela, unemployed, occasional jobs as a caregiver and maid, had known him for at least two years: since – the investigation confirmed – they were stopped together for a check on the roads of the Cuneo area. Borgheresi fired a small caliber pistol, purchased in Florence and regularly held; the gun license was found in the Panda itself.

Many calls to 112

The gunshots were clearly heard by many customers of the supermarket and there were several calls received at 112, including that of Borgheresi. After killing Mihaela, sitting on the passenger side, the soldier got out of the car and wandered in the parking lot until the arrival of the policemen to whom he handed himself over without resistance. He is in hospital where he was medicated for a hand injury caused by a gunshot exploded perhaps in an attempt to commit suicide after the crime. When the cops approached him he said these words: I just killed a woman. I have two guns with me. Come and get me and do not resist.

The dynamics

Passionate about weapons, he told the agents that he was a soldier stationed in Pinerolo, even if the police reports have never shown him to have been in service in Piedmont. From a first reconstruction and from the images of the cameras, the two would arrive together at the shopping center, where they would spend the afternoon. And always together they would go out to go back to the car and load the groceries. The murder was said to have occurred while the woman got behind the wheel. At one point, the man pulled one of the two weapons he carried with him out of his pocket, a small-caliber 635 that he kept together with a 38-caliber special, both purchased in Florence, and exploded at least four blows to the woman’s chest. Two who sentenced her to death. A gesture that investigators do not rule out may have been premeditated.

Borgheresi had lived in Forteto

Borgheresi up to the age of 20 lived in the Il Forteto di Vicchio community, in the province of Florence, at the center of trials for sexual violence and mistreatment concluded with numerous convictions. as evidenced by the victims of Forteto Association, specifying that Borgheresi was not one of the children entrusted by the court of Florence to the community of Rodolfo Fiesoli, called the Prophet, but the son of founding members of the community. Pain, tragedy in tragedy and more pain – comments the Association of victims – Francesco Borgheresi born in Forteto by a founding member of what, for 40 years, has been considered a thaumaturgical community for minors and disabled people. In compliance with the “fortetian” dogma of the refusal of the family of origin, it was not raised by the mother but entrusted by Fiesoli to a “functional” mother.

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