Fedele: “Juventus are much stronger than Napoli! Do you know how much Icardi and Milik are worth?”


Furio Fedele, journalist for the Corriere dello Sport, spoke during the Direct Market broadcast on 7 Gold.

The journalist of the Corriere dello Sport, Faithful Fury, made some statements during the course of Direct Market, program broadcast on the broadcaster 7 Gold analyzing, among other things, the moves of some of the main Serie A clubs in view of the reopening of the purchase and sale campaign. Here are his words:Maurizio Sarri can not want the JuveNapoli! The staff of Juventus is clearly superior to that of Napoli. The coach cannot transfer Napoli to Juventus “.

Furio Fedele then clarified his thoughts during the transmission Direct Market, on the television station 7 Gold: “Maurizio Sarri cannot want Jorginho and Arek Milik just because he had these two players at Napoli. Do you know how much Icardi is and how much Milik is? 70 million Argentine, half about Polish. Maurito, also followed by Juventus, is much more strong, the two have a decidedly different price “. Marcello Chirico then added: “Between Pjanic and Jorginho I prefer the current Juventus player: he is 100 times better!”.

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