Farewell to self-certification: what has changed since June 3rd


It now seems that there will be no obstacle to what was announced in the ministerial decree last May 19, nor the need for official confirmation of any kind: in fact, next Wednesday 3 June, the ban on moving from region to region will definitively fall and for the moment theself-certification with which all of us had learned to live from the first moments of closure of the country due to the Coronavirus emergency.

In fact, there is no creation of a Dpcm on the horizon to trace the new lines to follow, let alone a press conference by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to officially inaugurate the reopening regional borders and the free movement of citizens, local tourists and travelers from the Schengen area and Great Britain. With the 3rd of June, a paranthesis made of papers, forms, photocopies and certifications to be shown in case of control closes.

The speech remains different to move to and from non-Schengen countries, apart from those who are motivated to do so for work, health or urgency issues: in this case the reference date remains that of next June 16.

Despite the fact that the spread of Coronavirus is decidedly more limited, some limitations remain which should be taken into account: first of all, of course, the obligation to quarantine at home if you come into contact with a Covid-19 positive individual or if there is a respiratory infection associated with a body temperature above 37.5 degrees.

The prohibition of assembly and the indication of the meter of distancing to be kept among people. The topic of school and university attendance is still frozen, as well as the possibility of holding meetings, conferences and social events. Hugs and kisses with non-relatives and non-cohabiting relatives are not yet allowed, especially if elderly. A good rule remains the use of the mask and that of the gloves, the latter especially when buying food.

Instead, allow them accesses parks and green areas and outdoor activities, with the maintenance of a safety distance of two meters: demonstrations are possible, albeit in a static form and with the expected spacing. Visits to museums and places of culture, masses and funerals, access to bathing establishments and accommodation facilities and the activities of bars, restaurants and hairdressers are still accessible, albeit with an eye to safety measures.

Among the governors there are those who expressed themselves in favor of the total reopening, such as the president Luca Zaia, who sees the “reopening all together” as “a nice signal. Vincenzo De Luca has a different opinion, who speaks instead of pressure exerted on the government. “You really don’t understand what the merit reasons that can motivate a general opening measure and the non-limitation of mobility even for the provinces still heavily affected by the infection”. A choice that leads to doubting the goodness of the executive’s intentions, taken “not on the basis of simple and objective criteria but on the basis of thrusts e pressures of various nature “.

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