Farewell to nuclear power: thus closes the Latina nuclear power plant


The first power plant was that of Latina, built since 1958 by Simea, a company 75% of Nuclear Agip, when Enrico Mattei’s Eni sought new energy. It has a 210 megawatt electric reactor and until the 1987 nuclear referendum – which had shut down nuclear power plants – it produced about 26 billion kilowatt hours. In 1958 it was the largest in Europe; he used an experimental technology with natural uranium, moderated with graphite, gas cooled with carbon dioxide.

Shortly after, Edison and Fiat started the Trino Vercellese plant and IRI built the Garigliano plant in Sessa Aurunca (Caserta). In 1962 they were nationalized by the newborn Enel who in the 70s, on the bank of the Po, also built the Piacenza plant in Caorso. With the electrical liberalization, everything went to Sogin led by the CEO Emanuele Fontani.

The dismantling work

Sogin says: “The conclusion of the first phase of decommissioning is expected in 2027”. ISIN specifies, the inspectorate for nuclear safety led by Maurizio Pernice who is entrusted with the supervision of all works: «All operations must take place in compliance with the criterion of non-radiological relevance for the population and for the protection of the environment ».

The six colossal boilers over 3,600 tons will be dismantled. The central reactor building will be partially demolished and will drop from 53 to 38 meters in height. Graphite and other contaminated waste will remain in a temporary building and in the reactor building.

The deposit that is not there

For years the governments that have followed at Palazzo Chigi have announced the forthcoming publication of Cnapi, an unpronounceable acronym for the National Charter of potentially suitable areas, that is, the map of all the places that have the characteristics – low seismic risk, protected from floods, little population – to be able to host atomic storage to replace the twenty deposits now distributed throughout Italy.

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