Famous Italians in America: from the beautiful country to the “American dream”


«Have you ever wondered which are the most famous Italians in America? Here is a special Top-5 with the Italians who crowned their “American dream. ” ‘

Needless to hide it: as much as we love Italy and all its many faces, at least once in our life we ​​have dreamed of crowning and living our “American dream“. America is in fact a siren: her voice bewitches you and makes you think of her, even if you are lucky enough to live in a magnificent place like the Beautiful country. Moreover, the relationship between the USA and Italy is a solid, consolidated bond that has made the fortune of many sportsmen, politicians and personalities of the showbiz. With this in mind, we thought of selecting a special Top-5 in search of most famous Italians in America. Who knows that their stories do not serve as inspiration and they also encourage you to try your luck away from home. Obviously this is not such a simple process, but with a little luck even the most complicated objectives can prove to be at hand. For example, there are several Italian actors who have conquered Hollywood, but in this case, rather than in the cinema, we look at America from a broader point of view, taking into consideration the most diverse fields.

famous Italians in America

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Joe DiMaggio

We could not start our review with one of the icons of American sport, which also ended up on the American pink magazines due to the tormented love story with the splendid Marilyn Monroe. Let’s talk about Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio, whom the USA later renamed “Joe“. Born in the Bronx in 1915, the son of Italian emigrants, after a brief period as a fisherman (same occupation as his father), Joe DiMaggio went on to conquer the baseball, becoming a star of the New York Yankees, one of the most important teams in the MLB. Then, as anticipated, the liason amorous and subsequent marriage with the beautiful Marilyn, which made Joe one of the most famous and loved Italians in America. The marriage between the two, however, complicates the excessive pressure (authentic sex symbol of cinema you, star baseball) he was wrecked after 3 years, bringing the two even more on everyone’s lips. After 9 titles with the Yankees, our Joe will try to win back the actress, but Monroe’s untimely death will leave an even deeper mark on him. Died of a heart attack in 1997 Joe DiMaggio is still today one of the most famous Italians in America, able to leave a truly unbridgeable void.

Fiorello La Guardia

Mayor of New York since 1934 and for 3 consecutive terms, Fiorello La Guardia was certainly one of the most prominent characters in American politics. Son of a Foggia musician, La Guardia was born right in the Big Apple, being renamed because of its short stature (just 157 cm tall) and the name, “The Little Flower“. After fighting in the First World War he dives into the world of politics, going in stark contrast to President Hoover, complaining about a bad management of the so-calledGreat Depression, which from 1929 hit the USA. Subsequently, as previously anticipated, he became mayor of New York, who thanks to honest and capable management came out of the crisis, seeing his economy revive completely. After that, also after the Second World War, in 1947, just before meeting death, La Guardia saw the title of the second airport in New York, receiving in fact one of the greatest honors for a man in America.

famous Italians in America famous Italians in America

Famous Italians in America and in the world: the Jacuzzi brothers

Starting directly from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Francesco, Rachele and Valeriano Jacuzzi moved to California in 1915, taking a first and decisive step towards the foundation of one of the most important companies in the world. With the arrival of the other four brothers Gelindo, Giocondo, Giuseppe and Candido, in fact, Berkeley took his first steps Jacuzzi Bros., a brand specializing in the manufacture of wooden propellers then used by the American Air Force during the First World War. From then on, a constant growth for the company of the Jacuzzi brothers, who in a short time became among the most famous Italians in America and in the rest of the world. After a brief experience in the world of agriculture, in fact, due to severe remautoid arthritis suffered by Candido’s son, Jacuzzi Bros specializes in the creation of devices applicable to home tubs. In the meantime, the reins of the company passed to the second and third generation of the Jacuzzi family which, since 1968, has been involved in the production of whirlpools. The rest, as they say, is history …

Mario Puzo

Also in this case, we are talking about a real icon of the American world, however closely connected with Italy, and more specifically with the Avellino hinterland. The reference is to Mario Puzo, writer and screenwriter who, thanks to the formidable springboard provided by Francis Ford Coppola, has become one of the most famous Italians of the States. At first railway worker (same profession as his father), Puzo underwent the fascination of literature from a young age, publishing two books well before the age of 40. Subsequently he approached the world of journalism, but that of writing remains a never dormant passion, which in 1965 returns to burn with the publication of a third work: Mamma Lucia. Despite the moderate success, Puzo made ends meet in 1969: the merit is all de The Godfather, in fact a real best seller, who after the adaptation of Coppola even lived a “second youth” making it one of the reference titles for both the literary and the cinematographic world. In the following years other books and another adaptation arrive (Cotton Club always by Coppola), who in fact increase the prestige around one of the most successful writers from the Second World War to today.

Emilio Segrè

We conclude our collection as best you could, that is, with Emilio Segrè, awarded in 1959 with the Nobel Prize for physics after the discovery of the antiproton. Segrè, however, is a story of great revenge, which began in 1938, the year characterized by the exit of the racial laws, which forced a brilliant university professor of Physics to live as a fugitive in Berkeley, where he was at that time. In 1974 he returned to Italy teaching Physics at the University of Rome, but after just one year, having reached the retirement age, he returned to California, still remaining one of the most famous Italians in the United States. Died in Lafayette in 1989 due to a heart problem, his remains were then buried in the cemetery of Tivoli, his hometown and place to which Segrè remained tied for the duration of a stormy life but full of satisfactions and great awards .

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