False insurance. The gang between Casal di Principe and Castel Volturno has been discovered


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Casal di Principe / Volturno Castle – One handled the insertions and negotiations for the online sale of false RCA insurance policies, the other entered the postepay cards where the contractors pay the premium before receiving the relative policy.

Policies created with art much to see in the province of Reggio Emilia a 45 year old take out a first bill valid for one year and then renewing it up to notice to have been duped when he stopped at a roadside check he discovered he was without an insurance policy as that shown to the assessors is turned out to be false.

To discover the business of the sale of false insurance put in place by 4 bells were i carabinieri of the station of Rubiera, in the ceramic district of Reggio Emilia, which with the accusation of fraud in the competition have denounced to the Prosecutor of Reggio Emilia, the director of the illegal activity, a 26 year old from Castel Volturno, and his three accomplices a 32 year old from Casal di Principe, one 19 year old from Castel Volturno it’s a 44 year old inhabitant a Naples.

In November 2018, the victim, considering that her car insurance was running out, decided to look for an online policy on the internet. The navigation led him to access a site that provided him with an advantageous quote, therefore he contacted the telephone number indicated, in turn being called by a pseudo-agent who guaranteed him the insurance coverage of the car until early December of last year. The premium, for 150 euros, was paid as agreed on the postepay provided by the interlocutor, whose payment was followed by the forwarding of the relative policy on WhatsApp. Everything went smoothly, so much so that on expiry, or at the beginning of last December, the woman called back what she sold to be an agent, renewing her insurance until December of this year.

The prize for 170 euros was paid to another postepay provided by the interlocutor who then asked to do so on another card for which he provided the coordinates. Everything would have gone smoothly and probably the 45-year-old would have renewed it at the end of the day if it were not that at the end of last month of December she ran into a roadside inspection in Bologna from which the result showed that the car was not insured and that the relative policy (as well as the one he had made the previous year) was false. Realized that she was the victim of a scam, the woman turned to the Carabinieri of Rubiera formalizing the report.

The military of Rubiera, at the end of a detailed investigation activity, identified the one who had physically carried out the negotiation and sale of the false policies (a 26 year old from Castel Volturno) and his accomplices who had signed the papers provided to the woman where to pay the prizes, all results involved in similar scams throughout Italy which were therefore reported to the Reggio Emilia Judicial Authority on the charge of scam competition. The phenomenon of online sales of “phantom” insurance policies is constantly growing, which is why the Carabinieri from Reggio Emilia sensitize citizens to pay attention to the online offers deemed advantageous.

Defending against these types of scams is possible thanks to IVASS (insurance supervision institute) on whose website each citizen can check whether the insurance company, and the intermediary that he contacts, really exists.

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