“Failure to confirm as ds? There can be a failure year”


Massimo Bava speaks for the first time since he is no longer the sporting director of Turin. He does it in a direct Facebook with Aiac Torino, commenting with serenity and calmness the return to the role of head of the youth sector after a year in the first team. “This year, alas, the season as Serie A sports director was unsuccessful, because unfortunately there were no positive results. These are things that can be there over time. But I have made twenty years of honored career starting from Excellence. In 1998-99 I won the championship of Excellence with Volpiano, then I did all the categories: Serie D, C2 with Canavese and Cuneo. Finally, the youth teams with Torino ”.

STEPSStep by step, Bava retraced his curriculum, of which he collected the sweetest fruits under the Mole, as head of the youth sector. Under his leadership the Primavera grenade has in fact conquered a championship, an Italian Cup and two Super Cups. Finally, in 2019, the promotion as sports director: “I spent 8 years at Turin, including seven years in an important youth sector, bringing excellent results together with my collaborators. For the eighth year I was promoted to sports director of Serie A: even if it went badly, I consider it a beautiful achievement, a career award, which I did not expect. Something that filled me with joy, as much as the disappointment of this year, but emotions must be managed “.

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FIRST TEAMBava takes advantage of all the experiences and, looking back, the personal balance can only be positive: “In these 20 years I have had the good fortune to meet many people, to be appreciated. It was a source of pride for me to see so many players that I had when I was young maybe in the Volpiano, in the Rivoli, in the Canavese, who have grown up and who now call me, play in Serie A, Serie B, Serie C. During the friendly match that with the Bull we did against Alexandria in March I embraced Di Quinzio: many do not remember him, but I took him to Cuneo with Ezio Rossi when he played in the Albinoleffe Spring. He did an excellent route arriving also in B. ” The current manager of the Turin youth sector talks about the work done this season: “Now is a time that goes like this, in A this year some things went wrong too, but when I look back and I think locally I realize that an excellent path has been made. Then this year we did a great job of scouting, examining around 2500 players between Europe and South America. I come out of the disappointment of not confirming in Serie A, however rich in scouting and detailed analysis on the international and Italian market “.

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