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The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 has scared a lot of Wube Software, which has decided to launch version 1.0 of its Factorio with little more than one month in advance to avoid over-releasing the release of the CD Projekt Red game, which threatens to attract everyone’s attention.

More precisely, it will be released five weeks earlier than expected, therefore on August 14, 2020 instead of September 25. To say she wanted to avoid the clash with Cyberpunk 2077, which will be released on September 17, was a note from Wube Software itself: “We believe that any launching made close to such a monumental game may suffer negative effects.

But how was it possible to anticipate the launch so much? Simply Wube believes that the game is ready, also because they have been cut some additions, initially planned, which saved a lot of time to the study. It should be noted that the cuts have been independent of the launch of Cyberpunk 2077.

In the next few weeks Factorio will simply be finalized, to the delight of those who have followed him for years. Consider that we are talking about a title in development since 2012, which has therefore spent a very long period in an incomplete form. His concept it’s very simple: the player is stuck on an alien planet and has to build factories to work the resources found around, so as to have better raw materials to expand.

For the rest we remind you that soon Cyberpunk 2077 will be shown in playable form, thus revealing its final version. In the meantime CD Projekt has become the largest European videogame company surpassing Ubisoft.

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