Fabrizio Moro returns with the meaning of everything: intimate and poignant


Fabrizio Moro returns with a new version of “The meaning of everything”: with voice and piano, the singer-songwriter gives an intimate and poignant ballad.

Fabrizio Moro – Video screenshot

Fabrizio Moro come back with a new version of The meaning of everything, song released for the first time on May 22, 2009 and gives fans one intimate, poignant, intense ballad in which with only the power of his voice accompanied by a piano transmits all the emotions experienced in a particular moment such as the current one.

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Fabrizio Moro and The meaning of everything: the new, more intimate version conquers the heart

Moro – Screenshot from video

Fabrizio Moro, one of the best Italian songwriters, capable of transmitting their emotions through words and his music, after the lockdown, he rekindles hope by returning to the music scene with a new version of The sense of everything he told also through old photos take it out of the memories drawer.

Fabrizio who, during his career, has always shown himself without filters to his audience, bringing out his own too more tormented and melancholy side, come back by sharing your own with your fans emotions, but also their own fears.

A version born inside the singer-songwriter’s house in a period, that of the lockdown, in which he understood not only what the meaning of everything in his life, but that allowed him to restore importance to the word freedom, concept on which Moro founded his life, but also his professional career. A moment, however, that also allowed him to spend a lot of time with his children savoring those simple moments, but of extreme serenity and happiness.

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Deep, intimate, sincere, the Fabrizio Moro of the new version of The meaning of everything, a song written when he first became a father with the birth of his eldest son Libero, is a Fabrizio more aware of life and what really matters in order to be serene and happy. Happiness from which you always keep one step, but that today manages to grasp even in small things how to accompany your child, Anita, who called the woman of her life, at the park.

Moro – Screenshot from video

To accompany the song there is a videoclip who sees Fabrizio for the first time in directing together with a young director Alessio De Leonardis. The video was shot at the singer-songwriter’s house, in an empty room where Fabrizio sings with the piano. To make the video clip more suggestive are the images of the fans to whom Moro had asked for help asking to send him the images that represented the meaning of everything in their life.

Being on the other side of the camera has always been my dream. The videos of the boys merge with my playback, recorded at night, in a clean, aseptic room. I chose this setting because our lives, in this moment in which we are forced to stay at home, are exactly like that. In the video clip, the lights enter intermittently from outside, open and close, like a siren on, as if something was happening … Almost as if the world was in danger“, Said the artist.

The meaning of everything is the first single of a new musical project in which the singer-songwriter collects his most beautiful love songs and which should be released in the autumn.

The video clip will be officially released at 14 on the Youtube channel. The song, however, is available on all digital platforms while at 9pm on May 22nd, Fabrizio will be live on his Instagram page to interact with fans.

Once again, therefore, Fabrizio Moro he managed to touch the deepest strings of the soul, particularly fragile in this historical moment.

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