Fabio Lombini and Gioele Rossetti, swimming mourns the two athletes who died in the plane crash in Nettuno


Who were they

Lombini, silver at the 2017 absolute winter championships in the 200 freestyle in 1’44 “60 behind Filippo Megli and in front of Filippo Magnini, already national at the Universiade of Taipei and at the European short-tank championships in Copenhagen in 2017, was holding a collegiate training at the federal center of Ostia followed by the technical manager Stefano Morini and accompanied by his coach Alessandro Resch.
Lombini also ventured into the 400 freestyle distance in which in the past he had played several races also facing Manuel Bortuzzo the swimmer injured in February 2019 and disabled by a gunshot during an ambush.
Gioele Rossetti was a less good swimmer than Fabio, but he had a great passion for flying. He had the ultralight pilot license and a great experience as can be seen from all the videos he posted on social networks.

The condolence of Federnuoto

As soon as the news was heard, the immediate condolence of Federnuoto arrived: The Federation, shocked and astonished, expresses its heartfelt condolences to family, friends and company. The sentiments of condolence from President Paolo Barelli, from honorary presidents Lorenzo Ravina and Salvatore Montella, from vice presidents Andrea Pieri, Francesco Postiglione and Teresa Frassinetti, from general secretary Antonello Panza, from the council and from the federal offices, from the technical director of the national swimming team Cesare Butini and of the whole aquatic movement.

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