Extraordinary procedure for qualification, how to enter the three years of service. Application until July 3


Activate the extraordinary procedure for obtaining the qualification, reserved for teachers with three years of service, on the Ministry website under the section Competitions and Selective Procedures.

This platform is accessed with the SPID credentials or, alternatively, with a valid user for access to the reserved area of ​​the Ministry and enabled for Online Applications.

The link to access the Competition Platform

The classes of exhaustion competition and the competition classes whose courses are no longer foreseen by the current regulations are excluded, namely: A-29, A-66, B-01, B-29, B-30, B-31, B-32 and B-33.

The extraordinary procedure is banned nationally is organized on a regional basis.

As the three service years required are indicated

Having chosen the region in which to take the written test, and indicated if you are already in the role or not, confirmed the personal data, The system will present a page with all the sections of the application to be completed.

In the event that the school year of the service is 2019/20 the candidate
the participation declaration must be ticked
with reserve.

The teacher will have to declare at least 3 years of service between 2008/09 and 2019/20, of which at least one provided in the specific competition class, each of at least 180 days.

The tenured candidates will be able to derogate from the requirement of an annuity on the specific competition class.

The candidate may also declare multiple periods in each school year, provided that the sum of the periods is equal to 180 days within the year

In the event that the candidate has served continuously from 1 February until the end of the teaching activities, the relative declaration may appear without indicating the start and end dates of the service.

Service annuity means service rendered for at least 180 days in the school year or, pursuant to article 11, paragraph 14, of the law of 3 May 1999, no. 124 a service provided uninterruptedly from February 1 until the end of the final scrutiny operations

What to declare for each year of service

  • school year in which it was held
  • if it was done in state, peer, or schools
  • under the conditions of art. 2 paragraph 2 letter b of the notice (we believe that there is an oversight on this, they should have referred to paragraph 3, i.e. the IeFP routes)

Are worth

  • three years of service only in state school or
  • three years of service only in the school
  • mixed service (carried out between state and peer school or IeFP, or between peer and IeFP)

Then indicate the competition class (currently no Childhood)

Indicate whether the service was provided on support or common place, role-playing or not, on which dates and in which school.

Access requirements

to. have carried out at least three years of service, even non-consecutive, between the school year 2008/09 and 2019/20 What does the year of service mean

The service performed on the support post, even in the absence of specialization, is considered valid for the purposes of participating in the extraordinary procedure for the class of competition, without prejudice to the provisions of letter b).

b.have carried out at least one year of service, among those referred to in letter a), in the specific class of competition for which you choose to participate. What does specific service mean?

It is possible to make use of the service for the 2019/20 school year, provided that the annuality requirement is reached by 30 June 2020.

The service provided on competition class A-29 is considered valid for participation in competition class A-30 and the service provided on competition class A-66 is considered valid for participation in competition class A-41. , provided that it is linked to the possession of the qualification referred to in letter c.

c. qualification of access suitable for the chosen competition class.

Excluding teachers with three years of service only on support

Bachelor’s degree is no entry requirement

Teacher with requirements can participate in both the role and the qualification procedure. Double possibility

Role teachers

Tenured teachers of state schools can participate in the procedure in derogation of the requirement referred to in paragraph 1, letter b), provided they meet the requirements referred to in letters a) and c); complete requirements for tenured teachers

Mixed service

The service referred to in paragraph 1, letters a) and b), is valid only if provided, also cumulatively:
to. at state and equal institutions;
b. as part of the paths referred to in article 1, paragraph 3, of the legislative decree 15 April 2005, n. 76, relating to the vocational education and training system, provided that, in the case of the aforementioned courses, the relative service was carried out for the type of place or for the teachings attributable to the competition classes referred to in article 2 of the President’s decree of the Republic 14 February 2016, n. 19 and subsequent modifications, including the competition classes corresponding to them pursuant to the same article 2.

Teacher with only peer service participates for the qualification but not for the role

Allowed with reserve

Those who, having obtained the title of access to the competition class abroad, have in any case submitted the relevant application for recognition pursuant to current legislation, within the deadline for submitting applications for participation in the procedure, are admitted with reserve.

You can participate for only one competition class

It is possible to choose a single region and a single competition class for which the required requirements are met. It is not possible to forward the application to the Trentino Alto Adige and Aosta Valley regions.

Candidates can submit an application to participate in the procedure from 09.00 on 28 May 2020, until 23.59 on 3 July 2020.

To participate, a secretarial contribution of 15 euros is required.

N.B. The procedure is in two stages: the written test and the actual qualification path. Read everything

Instructions for filling in the application [PDF]

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