Extraordinary competition, this is what the new test will look like: open-ended questions. AMENDMENT TEXT




Here is the text of the amendment that yesterday was the subject of comparison and convergence between the various parties of the majority. The evidence for the extraordinary chair competition reserved for precarious teachers with 36 months of service changes. that’s how

The new test

The competition provides, according to what is contained in the amendment, a written test which will be passed with a minimum score of seven tenths or equivalent.

The test will be computerized according to the exam program provided by the announcement and divided by class of competition and type of place. The test will be divided into open-ended questions, no longer closed.

For the common places the questions will concern:

  • evaluation of disciplinary and didactic-methodological knowledge and skills,
  • ability to understand English text.

For the posts of support:

  • teaching methodologies to be applied to different types of disabilities
  • assessment of knowledge of the contents and procedures aimed at the school inclusion of pupils with disabilities
  • understanding of the English text.

During the test, the candidate’s computer skills will also be ascertained.

Try in your region

If the general epidemiological conditions suggest it, the written test will be possible in a different region than the one corresponding to the place for which the candidate has submitted his application

The text of the amendment

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