Extraordinary competition for the black smoke school in the summit with Conte. It is a clash between M5S and Pd-Leu


The intervention of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and a long, crowded summit at Palazzo Chigi with the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina, his colleague of Relations with Parliament Federico D’Inc and the heads of delegation of the majority and the group leaders were not enough. On the fate of the precarious school and the extraordinary competition scheduled for this summer another political battle is played within the government: the vote of confidence on the school decree seems more and more likely, which in addition to regulating the competitions dictates the rules for maturity exceptional this year. It expires on June 7 and has yet to be approved in the Senate and then move to the Chamber. So time is running out and forced steps will be taken tomorrow and after to try to find a solution and reach a truce between the allies.

The spreaders

The fate of the precarious school for months of confrontation between the minister, supported not without some initial stomach ache, by the Five Stars, and Pd and Leu who have become spokesmen for the demands of the unions. After several unsuccessful attempts to reach an agreement on the numbers, methods of the test, requirements and even the number of questions for the competition test, after a strike proclaimed and then postponed due to the epidemic, in the last few weeks, since the discussion arrived in the Senate committee, the union clash turned political. Against Azzolina’s proposal there is now an unprecedented harmony between the PD-Leu and the League-Brothers of Italy, all opposed to having the written test carried out.


Maturity 2020, on the field the Red Cross for teacher safety. Here is the protocol for taking the exam
The help of the Red Cross

On the merits, in fact, the minister, defended yesterday by Prime Minister Conte, wants to have a superlight competition with a multiple choice test as the only requirement for hiring 32,000 temporary workers with at least three years of seniority. Pd and Leu in the name of the Covid-19 emergency want to impose a ranking by titles, without competition. The merit and quality of teaching are not measured by a cross test, says the vice president of the cultural committee Francesco Verducci, who would prefer to measure them with the scores on the rankings. Italia A Viva and Pi Europa also line up with Azzolina asking for selection and competitions. As long as you get the tenured teachers in the chair in September, Gabriele Toccafondi (Iv) says. Because precisely on the times that the dispute is being played, which in recent months has taken on increasingly harder tones: according to the minister, the competition can be done in August, with all the necessary security measures, but half of its majority believes they no. The ministry also has some doubts and in fact two days ago Azzolina tried to propose a mediation: yes in the summer mini-contest with the written test, as established, but if some health risk returned, the teachers could be taken in based on qualifications and then carry out a written test during the school year to confirm hiring. In short, a mixed solution, which for Pd and Leu have dryly refused.


Not even the fact that the number of places available in the competition went from 24 thousand to 32 thousand, with a rule contained in the revival decree which increases the places also for the ordinary competition which has been postponed for now, has not calmed the climate. Now it will be up to Conte to find his way out, without delegitimizing Azzolina and his party, but preventing the Senate from becoming a battleground for the majority next week. Today make a new proposal that takes into account the two scenarios.

May 22, 2020 (change May 22, 2020 | 11:21 pm)


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