Executives to teachers “no scheduled holidays at the end of August”


School, the holiday issue explodes. The school consequences of the health emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19 do not cease to worry teachers. Overburdened by a renewed bureaucracy to be managed remotely for now, but in a few days even in the presence, and after three months of grueling distance teaching, the teachers are now grappling with the first news related to a possible compression of the right to the accrued holidays .

Or rather, more and more often, in virtual corridors and in remote collegial meetings, there is talk of understandable invitations from managers not to plan their summer holidays in the last week of August. For many years, many Italian schools have planned activities in the last days of the school year, on the eve of September 1, with teachers and class councils engaged in various types of tasks, such as exams to verify debt recovery. But in most institutions the start of activities has always been placed so far starting from the first week of the new school year, in September. But the coming school year – and with it the tail of the current school year – will not be an easy year, everyone now knows this, from teachers, to ATA staff, from managers to families.

The dismemberment of classes imposed by the need to guarantee the distancing social, the formation of new class groups, the assignment of classes to teachers, the finding of alternates, the timetable management, that of strengthening, and much more will engage the world of school in a race against time that has already begun and which will come into effect right in September. In the meantime, it is to be understood how to be able to put together, in the same school and in the presence, from 1st September and until the start of the school year, the activities of Pai with those of Pia, respectively: Individualized learning plan. The Learning integration plan is the document that the Class Councils / co-owners of the class prepare, in which the teaching activities not carried out with respect to the plans at the beginning of the year and the related learning objectives are identified and planned (pursuant to art. 6 paragraph 2 of the OM prot . 11 of 16/05/2020).

The Individualized learning plan is prepared by the co-owners of the class or by the class council for the students admitted to the next class, except in the transition to the first class of the first grade secondary school or to the first class of the second grade secondary school, in the presence of assessments lower than six tenths. This would be enough. And on this front there is to swear that controversy will arise for possible profiles of conflict of competence between the central administration, which issued the recent regulations, and the various autonomies and local authorities, for example, responsible for managing the times of the cities, public transport in the first place. Are companies currently able to plan transportation services for the first two weeks of September?

But there is more. In fact, aspects that affect the market emerge summer holidays for teachers because of the state exams of the privatists. In the recent ministerial ordinance, it is indicated that external students will have to take the preliminary exams in attendance, starting from 10 July 2020. After passing these, they will be able to carry out the maturity in an extraordinary session. By early September they can enroll in university. The draft of the Ordinance states that the admission of external candidates is subject to passing in the presence of the preliminary exams, in accordance with the provisions of Article 1 paragraph 7 of Legislative Decree n. 22/2020 where the following is established: “External candidates carry out the preliminary examinations referred to in Article 14, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree no. 62 of 2017 at the end of the epidemiological emergency and take the final state exam of the second cycle during the extraordinary session referred to in article 17, paragraph 11, of the aforementioned legislative decree […]”. On the basis of what is established in the ordinance, the exams will be conducted in the presence of external candidates beginning on July 10, 2020.

Although many pupils interested in these tests rightly insist with schools to know the date of the exam, there is still much uncertainty. And in the background, as mentioned, the issue of holidays arises for the teachers of all the institutions involved, many of whom will be involved in the relative exam commissions, but who do not know for the moment if they will be busy in mid-July or from August. As if that were not enough there are also fitness exams, to be carried out in presence – regulated by art. 192-193 of Legislative Decree 297/94 – and are tests that can support private students who intend to move to a class for which they do not have an admission certificate.

If the outcome of the tests is positive, the student has the opportunity to attend the most advanced class for which he has applied. Typically these exams, which involve many teachers from the school, took place during the first week of September. The news is that this year they may have to take place in August. The uncertainty, although understandable, given the ongoing emergency, is creating a lot of unease among teachers and their families due to a reported difficulty in scheduling holidays, especially for all those who left the distance learning phase will have to try their hand with the difficult phase of the final state exams of the second cycle of education, to be carried out until the beginning of July next, in the presence, between controversies and bulky masks.

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