“Exchange with Milik? Maybe Juve would insert another defender”


During Radio Marte, the network swelled, he intervened Davide Torchia, agent among others by Daniele Rugani: “Counterpart for Milik? At the moment there are no contacts. I am making a general speech because now we must first start playing again, we all have a bit of mentality on the fact that since there is an economic crisis in the next market we will have to work shrewdly, which we Italians are good at and therefore the exchanges can become very topical. This is the smartest move for everyone but the application is more difficult. If a company evaluates a 50 million player it is only with the the crisis evaluates it 25, in fact, all the more reason in an exchange and given the crisis the right evaluation is demanded. Then there is the other side of the coin that provides, if an exchange is made, to keep the ratings of the players both high Much depends on the mentality and desire of the footballer to stay or not.

As for Rugani, we are talking about a Juventus player who is very attached to his club, if a boy tells me that he is doing well in his team, I am pleased, even if both agent and player would gain more from repeated shifts. However, I firmly believe that managing a footballer means making his job more exciting. Beyond this, if the club should then question it, and it would be solely for an economic and not a technical question because at Juve it is highly esteemed, then new adventures can be considered, but only in that case.

Rugani or Romero in an exchange: who inserts Juve in my opinion? I think Juventus would choose to insert Romero. Warning, it is not a technical evaluation and I am not saying who of the two players is stronger, the reasoning is another. At this moment Juventus has two young players who have played very little and two experts, Rugani already has 5 years at international level behind him. If you add another young man like Romero, I think it is easier to give him away than the expert Rugani, moreover, it is more marketable because it has different costs, even in terms of engagement. I repeat, I am not saying that he is less good than Daniele ”.



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