Ex-wrestling wrestler Shad Gaspard dies after drowning to save the life of his ten-year-old son


After three days of research the body of was found Shad Gaspard, ex wrestling star and actor. He was 39 years old, he had gone swimming with his ten-year-old son on Sunday Marina del Rey, next to the very famous Venice Beach of Los Angeles.

And just a Venice Wednesday morning the body was spotted by a swimmer and reported to the Coast Guard who recovered it. Just last week the county of Los Angeles had reopened the beaches for physical activity, including swimming, after the total block for the coronavirus.

According to the reconstructions Gaspard before being dragged away by the waves, he saved the baby’s life by pushing him towards the rescuers. Who tried to recover both of them in the water, but without success, due to the sea conditions that had suddenly risen: The waves were two meters high, it seemed to be inside a washing machine, the first decision was to secure the boy, the natural choice but I told him to do it too. When we went back to retrieve another huge wave and he was submerged, they tell the lifeguards who attended, on American TV.

Also The Rock, the hugely popular actor Dwayn Johnson, also a former wrestler had launched an appeal and prayed for his missing friend. Now send messages of condolence: My thoughts are for the wife and son in these unimaginable days.

For Gaspard, therefore, the strong currents of thePacific Ocean. Since the first hours of the accident, since the ex wrestler was dispersed at sea, helicopters and divers have been looking for the 39 year old. Once the body has been found, practice requires that some family member recognize it and it has been. He was nicknamed The Beast, the beast. Paired with JTG had formed the tag team Cryme Time. Finally, once he’d gone into the movies, he had a role in Marvel’s film, Black Panther as well. And he had also been a bodyguard, even to Mike Tyson.

May 20, 2020 (change May 20, 2020 | 7:32 pm)


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