ex Respawn criticizes EA for launching it immediately after Battlefield 1


A few months after leaving Respawn, Drew McCoy returned to the thorny issue of Titanfall 2’s commercial failure to criticize the strategy implemented by Electronic Arts in choosing to launch the sci-fi shooter a week after the arrival on the market of Battlefield 1.

Interviewed by the editorial staff of MP1st, McCoy addressed the topic to reiterate his opposition to EA’s decision to publish two titles almost simultaneously which, as Titanfall 2 is Battlefield 1, should have carved out a space of visibility in the same kind of reference, or the competitive FPS, and therefore compete with each other: “I think it hurt us in the sense that competitive multiplayer games are an almost totalizing experience for gamers.”.

The former Respawn executive, and current director of the newly created triple game software house A Gravity Well, then reflects on the reasons that led to the commercial failure of the Titanfall 2 project to explain that “If you can’t place your shooter in the top five most played FPS online, your title is automatically held up as a ‘dead game’ by the community and it almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Players are convinced by word of mouth among friends, is a system that pushes the masses to choose to participate in the most popular shooter “.

In the meantime, Vince Zampella and Respawn are getting ready for EA Play on June 12 to present their next video game coming to PC and console (it is also assumed on PS5 and Xbox Series X), anticipating however that it will not be Titanfall 3.

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